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The Seatbone Saver

Although I don't want this to sound like blatant advertising, I also invented a special pad made from the same foam as my saddles, covered in suede, which goes on top of the saddle seat. I developed bursal enlargements of the seatbones, never mind bruising, when trying to sit in the Classical position on most saddles. I couldn't ride for six months, which was a disaster, being a professional horsewoman, so I had to invent something that would enable me to ride again.

Seatbone Saver

So, I invented the 'Seatbone Saver' Saddle Pad, which is now widely marketed, fits just about any saddle in seconds, and transforms even the hardest saddle. It also greatly enhances rider stability in the saddle, because instead of siting on a slippery leather seat, you sink into the suede-covered foam, which sticks you much more easily to the saddle. It improves the position of the rider too, because you can sit closer to the pommel, (the front arch of the saddle), without damaging the seatbones, and preventing the backward drag of the stirrup leathers.

I would never teach abroad without popping one in my suitcase - I have had to ride on some horrendous saddles abroad - I think an ironing board would be marginally more comfortable!

Plan view of seatsaver

How to Get One

Seatbone savers are available in black and brown.

Next we'll look at how the horse moves.


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