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How To Tie A Hay-Net Knot

The natural feeding position for horses and ponies in from the ground, but this is very wasteful since much of the hay will get trampled and soiled. Hay is best fed to the stabled horse/pony from either a hayrack or a haynet fitted or hung at about the eye level of the horse/pony concerned.

If higher than this, the horse is likely to get dust and seeds in his eyes, and lower he may catch his feet in the net of rack when he rolls.

Haynet 1
Haynet 2

1. Tie onto a piece of breakable string. Thread the long string of the haynet through the breakable string

2. Thread the long string through the bottom of the haynet and pull tight.

Haynet 3
Haynet 4

3. Make a loop

4. Make a `U` shape and place through the loop

Haynet 5
Haynet 6

5. Pull this tight.

6. Put the remainder of the long thread back through the loop

Haynet 7

7. Turn the hay-net around so the knot is at the back of the net

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