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An Introduction To The Big 4 Western Breeds

No series of western articles would be complete without a brief discussion on the major breeds which have had an impact on this style of riding. Of course, any horse can be trained to do just about anything, but some are more suited to specific roles than others. For example, you won't find many Hanoverians cutting cattle and you won't find many Quarter Horses show jumping. To this end, I have determined, through great study and using the S.W.A.G.G methodology of research, (Scientific Wild And Good Guess) that the Big 4 Breeds of Western Riding include:

The American Quarter Horse
Quarter Horse
The Mustang
The Appaloosa
The Paint

What will follow is a brief discussion of each group. The reader is invited to do their own research on these breeds by going to the various breed registry sites on the internet such as for the American Quarter Horse, and glean even more useful information on these 4 great breeds of Western horses.

Of course, this section must begin with our first breed, the American Quarter Horse. Author Lori Haverkamp, or 'Allie' as she is know on New Rider, will begin our discussion with this breed, giving the reader a great synopsis of the cowboy's 'Old Reliable'.

On to the Quarter Horse.

1989 16 h.h. Palomino Performance Champion; Registered AQHA

Tim Manson

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