12.2hh Grey welsh gelding (Darcy possibly?)

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    12.2hh Grey welsh gelding (Darcy possibly?) was v. nervous 2 whorls on forehead

    He was a spooky pony when we sold him. He would be about mid teens now. The pics I have he may look different as he was only 5/6 in these and the dappled may have greyed out. He had two whorls in centre of his forehead and two tiny brown spots under left eye. Stripey feet. He didn't like jumping and was a bit too forward for a true kids pony. Is he still alive? I thought he may have been passed on at sales as he was difficult, was friendly though just nervous. May not be called Darcy anymore. Section B believed to be.
    I owned him in south yorks. Could be anywhere.

    SOLD BY JUDY DODD dealer from wakeringham near misterton, south yorks/lincs border.

    Could be called anything now.

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