16' 2 - How do you get on him.

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  1. Shazza

    Shazza New Member

    Help please - I am now enjoying my riding - hacking out on the south downs, but there are lots and lots of gates.

    Henners and me are new to all this, so opening gates whilst on his back is a learning curve, also is the getting on him without blocks.

    I see all the youngsters leaping on and off their horses, well I am older and heavier and not so fit - are there any aids you can buy, exercises you can do.

    I only need a block about 10 inches to be able to get on him. but from the floor I just do not seem to bounce enough to get my leg up
  2. Silvia

    Silvia New Member

    Mounting stirrups!

    I know exactly what you mean! Being a disabled rider I never get off on a hack because if I do there's no way I'll get back on. I have had to walk home on a few occasions.
    You could try mounting stirrups - they don't work for me, but I know people who won't go anywhere without them.
    Fits in standard stirrups, giving you an extra step up. Comes with a riding pouch so you can fold it up and take it with you. English or Western.
    English 01-0733 $22.99
    Western 01-0734 $22.99
    available from www.freedomrider.com

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    I know what you mean

    Ive just given up a part loan 16.2 and usd to have to stand on the sink to get on being 5.2 and not of an athletic nature found it really frustrating ,at times to open gates was a matter of leaning a lot and found that I could sometimes use my crop to open and close the them got quite good after a year or so but Im now jumping on and off as Ive now got loan of a 14,2 it great and so is he Im having so much fun the mount that silvia spoke of sound idel good luck (do some stretching before you mount it might help) Andrea;)
  4. floppy

    floppy New Member

    leg stretching..
    only other thing i can suggest is to drop the stirrup a hole or two and then bring them back up a hole or two when you are mounted.
  5. ros

    ros New Member

    Of course, the good thing about not being able to get on from the ground is that you don't strain the horse's back half so much! I really don't know if I could get on Merly from the ground 'cos I've never tried - he's so blooming round that I know for a fact I wouldn't stand a chance, the saddle would be under his tummy as soon as I put a foot in the stirrup! I do try to avoid getting off on hacks, but if I have to I just look on it as an opportunity to give his back a rest, and I usually find something like a bank or a fence that I can clamber onto to get on again. He's very good about standing still next to strange objects.
  6. floppy

    floppy New Member

    or a tree stump :)

    are there any hills? you could always stand your horse sideways on a hill and mount him..that way he'll be a few cms smaller :D
  7. Silvia

    Silvia New Member

    I don't know... Is it just me who can NEVER find a tree stump or bench when I need it? ;)
  8. Shazza

    Shazza New Member

    thanks all,

    I like to idea of stirrup extensions, even though when I have tried to lower the stirrups I still do not have the bounce to get over him. His 16' 2 and a cob so quite round.

    I also have found it difficult to find the occassional tree stump, I have used the water trough and nearly fell in. That is the other problem, henry is not that keen on standing very close to things - I must admit I have to move the blocks to him (or the other options, leap and pray), rather than him to the blocks - but we are practising that one.

    Thanks again, its just nice to hear that I'm not the only one - and I have been told that its nicer to use blocks rather than mounting from the ground, it would just be nice though, if I needed to that I could.

    As to opening gates from his back - I am at present dealing with a rather nasty black and purple bruise from the top of my knee to the under side - we managed to open the gate, but Henry just could not wait and the concrete post and my leg went to war - unfortuantely the concrete post won.

    Also don't you think farmers should be maybe a little more considerate for us riders - they seem to find the heaviest and most stiff gates they can find - then adding insult to injury they put chains and lengths of rope over the tops as well.

    Regards Sharon
  9. qwerty

    qwerty Missing duke :'(

    I have only mounted from the ground once, that was on a medium sized horse (but I am only just 5ft!). I thought to myself...impossible but managed. I had to lower the stirrups about 7 holes, did a few little jumps and the a big one. I used my arms to help heave myself up too! I am not an athletic person in the least!!! (I'll do anything to get out of P.E!!!!;)) One way I have heard of people getting on is to jump as high up as you can and lay flat on the saddle. Once up there you swing your leg over. Try doing exerscises like "half scisors" to improve manoverability in getting in the saddle.

    My mum had a really big horse and used to ride bareback sometimes. I don't know how, but she used to be able to jump on the horses back...no problems!!! :p
  10. Robt

    Robt New Member

    The Bigger the better, LOL . Improves the View

    I think horses should be as big as possible - when you are riding out the higher up you are the better view you get of the coutryside. But even a nonrider like me can appreciate the view created by a bigger horse - especially when my girlfriend is riding them. She used to own a 14.1 pony and could hop on and off real easy. A few months ago she got a 16.3hh TB and she really has to stretch hop lots of times and struggle to pull herself into the saddle. She rides English (close fitting jodhpurs) so the view is kinda interesting for spectators. When she first got the horse she couldn't get without a leg up or mounting block as she's only 5ft 3 tall. Always uses mounting block where possible to avoid straining horses back but like others here wanted to be able to mount up by herself so she wouldn't be grounded anywhere. She practiced every day - leg stretching exercises on the stairs and that sorta thing. After couple of weeks could get her foot into the stirrup but still needed me to give her a push to get up into the saddle - I didn't mind doing this either LOL !! A few weeks later she could get herself all the way up, providing she wasn't tired, her muscles didn't ache and the horse stood perfectly still. So there you are folks, it can be done with practice - but make sure you don't injure the horse, or it moves around and causes an accident. Could always practice getting your foot up onto a stepladder or a high barstool instead.
  11. Robt

    Robt New Member



    End of last message should be it can be done providing you are fit and healthy. Not everyone is blessed with good health, strong muscles, etc. Also hope main part of message did not upset anyone, not meant to be serious
  12. floppy

    floppy New Member

    hehe well that certainly is a different view :D

    As for dropping stirrups..its only really a recommendation if you drop them by one or two holes and can get up...7 is a bit too much and you would certainly be better off with a mounting block or a leg up!

    shazza- isnt there anyone else you could go out with that has a smaller horse and can already perform the art of opening and closing gates?:D it would save you a whole lot of trouble!
    else is there a a gate at the yard or into the riding arena or something where you can practised opening and closing on horseback...so you dont get stranded without being able to hop back on board your horse in the middle of no where ?
    maybe someone coudl give you some tips and you make a day of opening and closing gates? i have never tried it myself because there are NO gates (YAY!) where i ride! and i have to dismount rarely but then i only ride a lickle horse!
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  13. katyptaty

    katyptaty New Member


    Rob - if you look at some of the messages, one thread in particular re girls' underwear - thong or granny hugging pants, this is the question - you will realise that no one will be offended in the slightest!

    good to hear that mounting from the ground can be achieved.

    Shazza - my horse is only 15.3 with me at 5'7'' and i am still unable - or should i say not willing - to get on from the ground on hacks. i actually moved house once as kent had too many gates and i had nightmares getting back on. once the saddle slipped and he did a bucking bronco.... thankfully managed to stop.

    also, to avoid losing knee caps, i found that again, it was the voice that helped him go through slowly. maybe practice going through tight spaces in a school or field - ones that will fall if touched so no kneecapping!

    after much training/leg yielding practice - as well as using the voice - he has become fantastic - Champion Gate Opener!

    If i do have to get off though - i also find there is never any bank to get on from. I now use the gates to get on from... climb up a few bars with my bum on the top.

    gone are the days for most of us, when we can leap on with grace without making the horse keel over!! - or die of boredom whilst we hang on the side willing our muscles to start working and get us to the top!
  14. Bebe

    Bebe New Member

    Ditches are great tools for re-mounting after getting off to open gates. You don't have to worry about standing the horse next to anything. Unfortunately, there aren't that many in convenient places.

    Bebe is 15.3hh, some days I can get on without a mounting block no problem, others I have no chance. I lower my stirrups quite a lot but don't pull the buckle up to the top. The tension from mounting keeps the buckle fastened and then once I'm on I just have to run the buckle back to the top of the leathers and fasten it back up to my usual length.

    I also found it helpful to spend a few clicker training sessions teaching BB to stand next to low walls, tree stumps, gates, etc. She stands nicely now but has learnt that if she swings her bum sideways I can't get on. That's our next project.

    And I don't think there's anything wrong with using a mounting block most of the time. I would much prefer to and usually cart an old milk crate up to the field with me.

  15. Robt

    Robt New Member

    Girlfriend's Tall Horse & Mounting Block Construction.

    Thanx Floppy & Katyptaty for messages. I'll look for that thong message, sounds interesting. I'm guessing it's a discusion about VPL showing through jodhpurs. Remember being with my girlfriend and her female horsey friends - heard them discussing outlines, got interested as thought it was about underwear. Turned out to be something about the horses movements in dressage. As it seems OK to talk about it, first time I helped girlfriend onto her 16.3 was really funny and perhaps embarassing . Just me and her with the horse, she couldn't get up, nothing to stand on, and I didn't know how to do the leg up thing. I said if she got her foot in the stirrup I'd push her up. She couldn't get foot up that high (nice view though as she tried) and I don't know why she didn't drop the stirrup down a bit, I didn't know about that trick then. She said if I knelt down on one knee (like proposing marriage) she could use my leg as a step. Don't know what was most scarey, being near horses hooves or the marriage implications, but did it. She placed a muddy boot (hope it was mud but they were my oldest jeans anyway) on my leg, stepped up and got other foot into the high stirrup. I felt her push off from my leg but she didn't go up . I'm stuck, she said . If Iwas on the ground I'd do a few hops and jumps to spring up but I might hurt your leg. Quick, give us a push before the horse moves. I didn't need asking twice.

    Now I need some advice about mounting block construction. She's using an old kitchen chair stored in the tackroom to stand on, but I want something permanent and solid to stay outside. I've seen them built from brick, building blocks but know much about that. Thinking of a wooden one with 2 or 3 steps, floor joist timber for the framework and floorboards for the steps. If I treated it with preservative (not creosote because could be poisionous to horse if it licks it) would that be OK ? has anyone made one like this ?
  16. Pam2

    Pam2 New Member

    Mounting tall horse

    Hi, Has anyone checked to see you mount lately? Could be that you are not doing it in the easiest way.

    Once foot in stirrup, hold mane with left hand and then put right hand over far side of saddle - not on cantle or you will pull saddle over and hurt horses back.
    Then hop round till you are facing the front.
    Now do a few big big hops and mount.

    Lots of people try to mount by still facing the tail!

    Could it be that this is one of your problems?
    Also the suggestion about getting the horse lower than you would be a good one - sometimes only a couple of inches is helpful.

    Let us know how you get on!
  17. floppy

    floppy New Member

    i don't think that holdin gonto the far side of the saddle helps if these people are really small compared to their horses...i for certain am not small but would be able to hold onto th efar side of the saddle mounting my friends horse..but i do do that sometimes when i rid emy share horse or when i ride icelandics :)
  18. Bebe

    Bebe New Member


    One of the mounting blocks I use is a permanent one in our summer paddock. It's basically made out of breeze blocks cemented together with a paving slab laid on the top (isn't secured, just placed but has never moved). It's high enough so that I can just swing a leg over Bebe's back without even having to put a foot in the stirrups.

    Other ones I've used have been made out of wood, more or less in the same way you describe. Most were indoors so hadn't been treated. I would imagine that as long as you had somewhere out of the horses reach to store it, treated wood would be fine. Failing that, look for wood preservatives that state they are non-toxic, livery yards or farmers should be able to give you ideas on which to use.

  19. katyptaty

    katyptaty New Member

    also at our stables there is rather a nifty little portable design that is 3 milk crates attached to make a step (i.e. two on the bottom and one on the top) with a piece of wood on the top to make it flat. it is very sturdy and can be moved anywhere. don't know how they were attached together though. you may have to be inventive.

    i like the picture of you on your hands and knees (any man at my foot is a good thing).... i can imagine the horror of my boyfriend if he had to do that for me - then again, that's probably cos a/ i would crush him and b/ the sight of my backside disappearing up the side of the horse wouldn't have the same attraction as you seem to have with your tight-jodphur-clad girlfriend!!!

    The link to the 'New Male Rider Concerned About Manhood' certainly had everyone going, with a total of about 140 replies!! i'm sure you hear most of the discussions from your girlfriend and her horsey mates. my boyfriend certainly has! knows the lot now!

    Hopefully, if you start riding, you will know what underwear to read from the male feedback in the thread!

  20. Shazza

    Shazza New Member

    You lot are all quite wicked.

    I will try the gate opening at the yard, we have several gates leading to jumping paddock and sand school - so will have a go, am also making henry stand before, during and after the gate is opened by a friend - hopefully eventually he will learn to take it nice and slow.

    Katyptaty - will try the gate option - should be interesting - when you hear in the news Female Rider found suspended from side of horse while still attached to top of gate - you will know who it is.

    Robt - luckily my brother is a welder and has made me a brilliant mounting block - the other options is these rather posh tack boxes - they make ideal blocks.

    Pam2 - just read your reply and you could be right - tomorrow I will have another go, and follow your instructions - I'm sure I start out right, but thinking about it, I'm not sure if I do face front or just face him ( when your panting and heaving you sometimes forget). Also I know I put one hand on his mane and the other on the front of the saddle, so will try on the other side. But it still seems that if I cannot jump/bounce I will not do it - like a said will try anything once.

    I have only owned Henry since Christmas and must say that this forum is brilliant - anything I am not sure of - or am having problems with - you lot are brilliant - thanks thanks and thanks again.

    Shazza ( and I'm sure Henry's back will be saying thank you aswell).

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