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Discussion in 'General' started by Puzzle and Me, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Puzzle and Me

    Puzzle and Me New Member

    Am thinking of buying a 3.5t horsebox. So was wondering if anyone can offer any advice. Has anyone got one and if so who would they recomend? Any good second hand ones anywhere? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  2. pedilia

    pedilia New Member

    coyote is selling one:)

    horsemart, horse and hound and adtrader have plenty of adverts
  3. coyote

    coyote Nelly's Mum.

    i sold mine yesterday for a total of £900 PROFIT!!!!!!!:D:D:D
    i only had it 2 mnths.:D
    Am going to see a bigger 3.5t on sunday.
  4. pedilia

    pedilia New Member

    well done you:D:D

    you jammy git!!
  5. coyote

    coyote Nelly's Mum.

    yep. :D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. Puzzle and Me

    Puzzle and Me New Member

    OMG Coyote you're in Lincs where I live as well. Where would you recommend?
  7. coyote

    coyote Nelly's Mum.

    i found my first one on the admags website and sold it on freeads website,there have been LOADS put on new today on ebay,keep your eyes peeled on freeads,ebay,adtrader,admags.

    this was DOT.

  8. *OEH*

    *OEH* New Member

    I did a fair bit of research into this and ended up buying an Ifor Williams container one. I think it's brilliant, it is a 51 chasis and a new container. It cost me 7k. It has LPG and petrol and as a result really low fuel consumption. The insurace is very low with the NFU. It drives brilliantly. The 16.3hh horse fits with room to spare on his side. This inside is the same width as the larger of the IW trailers, but a fair bit longer, and there is tons of storage space in the luton. Haven't tried with another horse in, but it would be legal to carry one smaller horse as well. I couldn't recommend it more highly really.

  9. coyote

    coyote Nelly's Mum.

    thats interesting as i was told to stear WELL clear of the ifor 3.5ton containers,even though i have had several ifor trailers of both sizes (505/510) and had no probs,the negatives i got for the ifor containers put me right off!!:eek:
  10. *OEH*

    *OEH* New Member

    A large part of me is telling me I really rather not know why you were put off, but I think I'd better know................... if you don't mind telling me that is.
  11. Puzzle and Me

    Puzzle and Me New Member

    can't see the loads of new ones on ebay Coyote.
    I have a good budget, anyone know about Marlborough Horseboexes?
  12. LisW

    LisW New Member

    We have a Renault Master conversion. The horses love it, especially the low ramp. Also travel well backwards & it's VERY easy to drive. Insurance low & good on diesel too.
  13. Puzzle and Me

    Puzzle and Me New Member

    thanks LisW, like the look of those ones, do you mind me asking where you got it from and a rough idea of cost?
  14. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    I also have a Renault Master Conversion. I bought it from here http://www.northernhorseboxes.co.uk/ If you look on the list on the left, go to past customers, mine is the jade green one. I have had it for 15 months and its great. You do have to be careful about 'sway' with some of the other 3.5's (the ones without a low centre of gravity) :eek: and you have to be careful about payload on all of them. I can only legally really carry my own mare on mine, but thats fine because its all I need to do.

    I have also only heard good things about Malborough Horseboxes. Never heard anything bad. And Northern horseboxes do the job right too and look after you for any problems after the sale.
  15. Lisa&Lady

    Lisa&Lady Guest

    Puzzle - have PM'd you. Im selling mine.

  16. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    there are some really ropey conversions out there so tread carefully. I hire a box like stella's. Very nice and boy does it make life easier at shows! i spent my youth being towed about by mum but she's converted to a small horsebox now. Depending on your budget, take a look at three counties horseboxes. They can do you a new conversion from about £7,000 depending on the age of the chassis you want. Although the northern horseboxes runstar is at the top of my list of things to buy when i get a proper job in summer 2009 :rolleyes:

    I too was warned away from the ifor boxes due to stability issues. So many people told me they rocked and rolled and weren't particularly safe.
  17. coyote

    coyote Nelly's Mum.

    ive pm'd her too telling her your selling yours.great minds think alike!!!!!:D:D
  18. Gimp

    Gimp Gimpy Gimp Gimp

    Totally OT .. But I see you have one of those Tail Bags!!.... The first thing Kai does when the ramp goes up is Poo all over his tail!!.. how do they secure into place!?

    Back to 3.5t ... This is next on my wish list!!... You have to be just a vigilant about the floors as if your were buying a trailer.. Have a good look over one maybe by a mechanic if your thinking of purchasing an older one.

    as far as new one goes... ohhh I would be lost where to start theres so many conversions around.. This ones at NorthernHorseboxes look Lush!:D
  19. Lisa&Lady

    Lisa&Lady Guest

    Ah, thank you, that was very nice of you.

  20. Bobbin

    Bobbin Back in the saddle yeehaa

    What size horse do you have?

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