A step in the right direction for my confidence :-)

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by Auqeam, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    Hey all, i'm a returner to NR (thanks to Laceyfreckle!) but just had to share my horsey news because i'm so excited!

    I used to share, i'm a novice rider though and a bit of a nervous rider too, so after giving up my share (he was far too forward going for me sadly :() I took a break from riding for a year then decided to have proper lessons a year ago, so I ride once a fortnight with my OH as he wanted to learn too.

    But now we've been offered a share, each, with a wonderful lady on a private yard. It's just her and her 3 horses, and we met her today, she let us groom and watch them being ridden and then we mounted and did some poles and stuff in the field (I rode like a plum but she didn't seem to mind lol), before she took us off for a lovely hour hack round the local bridleways (of which there are loads!). Poor lady and her friend got soaked but she was so lovely, and she wanted us to see how we felt etc and to see how well behaved they are. We were there for 4 hours in the end! We were looking for sane, non-spooky rides and they certainly delivered, as we just want to potter about, bit of trotting here and there but mostly just walking to get our confidence up. It was my OH's first ever proper hack out and he did amazingly! We are both going to carry on with the fortnightly lessons aswell.

    So we are going to start by just doing a bit in the field on one horse, so one of us is on the ground at all times, then go for a stroll out in the same way until we're both ready to ride together. This will help give me confidence, and my OH too. And even better, it is less than 5 mins drive from mine :dance:

    Am hoping that this will finally give me some confidence to enjoy hacking again! sorry for the long pointless post but no-one else quite understands :giggle:

    Will try to get a couple of pics on Wednesday when I go up to feed :smile:
  2. beakysian

    beakysian New Member

    Welcome back :dance: Looking forward to some pics and more updates :biggrin:
  3. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    Thank you! it's good to be back :D:D:D;)
  4. laceyfreckle

    laceyfreckle Active Member

    Sounds like a ideal share! I reckon you'll be hacking out together in no time at all.

    What a fantastic deal you managed to get :wavespin:

    Welcome back - will look forward to updates and piccies!
  5. tbaynancy

    tbaynancy Active Member

    Welcome - that sounds like a perfect situation you've got there. Wish my OH rode.
  6. selside

    selside Member

    Ooh, that sounds wonderful!
    Do be prepared to feel a few nerves when you start off, particularly when you are there on your own (I mean without the owner around) for the first time. Your plan to start little by little is a really great idea, especially when you've found yourself over-faced in the past. If you go steadily until you gain confidence it will be absolutely fine!

    And the owners sounds lovely and helpful, too. Have a wonderful time, both of you. How neat is that - being able to go riding with OH? I wish!
  7. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    Thank you all, yep it's a good deal! And we get to spend all day there if we want fussing them etc :dance:

    Thanks Selside, I felt nervous when we started today (kept tipping forward in my saddle at trot, nervous reaction that I really need to stop doing) but after the hack I felt great. She agreed that it was good to start with someone at ground level, so i'm just going to play about in the field and go from there. My OH doesn't want to go fast, same as me, so we're happy to let cantering about come later (if ever!!) :biggrin:
  8. selside

    selside Member

    Well done you.
    You sound very much like me! When I first went up on my own to ride a little connie on my own I was faffing about with dumb sutff like his tack - all fingers and thumbs! But the more you do the easier and more relaxed you'll get.

    Oh - good luck with the tipping forward thing. I haven't stopped myself doing that in 40+ years. But I remain hopeful....................
  9. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Hello there, sounds like you're going to have hours of fun (and your OH too!). Hope it goes well for you both.

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