Anyone heard of/used Freemax treeless saddles?

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by Laura+Phantom, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    I've never heard of them before but they are in the brand new Shires catalogue, can't find them on the website though, the product codes are 2021 to 2026 if anyone fancies a try.

    They are all priced at £399 and come in styles 'evo' or 'class', they look quite conventional, anyone know anything about them?

    Their website is listed as but I can't get it to work...
  2. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    one of my local tackshops are getting them in apparently, i saw a few on ebzy and they looked like a rip off of a freeform. Shall have to go back to tackshop and have a look
  3. martini55

    martini55 New Member

    The ones of ebay I saw certainly looked like a copy-cat of a Freeform.
  4. monique

    monique New Member

    I saw the ones on ebay and then saw them in the shires catalogue and thought the same that they looked like a copy of the freeform, and think they look rather smart, I wonder if they would have a bit more of a twist, as my youngest daughter finds it a bit of a stretch in my trekker so any thoughts on the amount of twist ?
  5. Crazyhorse

    Crazyhorse Trainee legal eagle!

    I saw those in the Shires cat, did you buy Horse and Rider as well ;0
    I thought that the explantions of each was pretty sparse and was written in fairly bad english, but they looked comfty and I liked the way you could change seat sizes.
  6. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    Lol yes I did :) Yeah they do look comfy but now others have mentioned it, they do look like copies of the freeform. I think they are foreign too.
  7. Showjumper

    Showjumper Ex Member

    The Freemax is a copy of the Freeform, made in India. However it is nowhere near as advanced as the Freeform - the girthing is different, it has the iron arches which the Freeform got rid of (now has a flexible aluminium arch) and the stitching and quality isn't as good as the Freeform. Whereas the Freeform's seat is velcro the entire underneath, the seat on the Freemax is held in place with just one strip of velcro running down the middle of the saddle.

    However these differences are reflected in the price.
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  8. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    Thanks showjumper, I thought the price was too good to be true! :rolleyes:
  9. martini55

    martini55 New Member

    Do you know how the people at Goldfinch feel about it? Surely they can't be happy:eek:
  10. Showjumper

    Showjumper Ex Member

    I think a copy was bound to happen at some time - after all, just about every other treeless has at least 1 copy out there ;)

    The difference between Freeform and the others that have been copied is that Freeform is staying ahead of the copies - they're releasing new models, adding new features and making improvements on what is already a fabulous saddle :)
  11. NatalieKing8

    NatalieKing8 New Member


    Just had a conversation with Barnstomers. The very helpful people there tell me that Shires buy them in from a company Italy. Apparently, they have wither clearance even without the iron arch so if you have a mega wide horse remove the arch. They can be used without a special treeless pad and a normal dressage girth. He also said that any stirrup leathers were fine as, in his opinion, the faux suede will not rub or mark. I have put a suede Class on order, with extra wide arch. Hope this helps. Will update you on progress :)
  12. EnduranceAli

    EnduranceAli New Member

    Will be interested to hear how you get on with the saddle. I have been looking at these in the Shires catalogue and love the bright colours! My friend also has a trade account with Shires, so I could get one cheap (let me know if anyone else would like a decent discount and I will check with her).

    Ali xx
  13. Showjumper

    Showjumper Ex Member

    Natalie, please, if you do get one, use a decent treeless pad. The Freemax does not have a gullet so you WILL need a pad to create one. The majority of "treeless" problems I hear of stem from people buying treeless on the cheap and using any old pad underneath.
  14. Mariaana

    Mariaana Member

    The Freemax saddles will be available from Better Saddles as well. It has been designed by the original designer of the Freeform saddles, so I wouldn't call them a "copy".

    But I fully agree with Showjumper, it definitely needs a proper treeless saddle pad.
  15. monique

    monique New Member

    Well I bought a Freemax Evo and have to say it is really nice and very comfy to ride in, it feels firmer than my trekker but still super comfy. I am experimenting with pads at the moment and so far have found the suber panel the best no slippage at all and can mount from the ground, however I have only done short hacks in it so far. I feel it suits my slightly narrower youngster better than my super wide pony but mainly that is because she is quite short backed and I feel it is a bit long for her, she is 13.2hh she hasn't complained but I think it looks too long.
  16. NatalieKing8

    NatalieKing8 New Member

    Shires Freemax

    OK, well having received my Freemax Class from Barnstormers, I shot down the stables to try it on Gabby. My friend, who is experienced in the treeless world came along to give me a hand. My first impression of the saddle is that it is well made and although a little bulky, looks very nice. We put it on Gabs, only to find that the material that the underside is made of is so stiff that it cut into her scapula. I appreciate that it may soften and mould to her in time, but she would have been very uncomfortable in the interim. The saddle is also very forward cut in the flap department, so much so that if I moved it back to clear her shoulder it was on her rump (so not suitable for short-backed horses I fear!). Whether I fitted the extra width wither iron or the medium one it came with, it dropped completely onto her wither creating pressure. I hasten to add at this point that she is a confirmed extra wide cob! There is no spine clearance with this saddle, so as suggested by Showjumper above, I would definitely suggest a treeless numnah (in fact, even with a gulleted treeless I'd recommend one!). The other thing I found is that the saddle is so bulky around the bottom of the flap that I couldn't make contact with my horse's side at all! In fairness though, I am VERY short, so the average adult may not find this. The one thing I can say is that the seat if very comfy. Barnstomers were brilliant about taking the saddle back, so if you want to try one I would suggest going to them.
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