Appley's first solo hack of 2012

Discussion in 'Adults who ride Ponies' started by notpoodle, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member


    Took Appley out by herself for the first time this year (she'd been turned away for winter, but has done plenty 'solo' last summer!). Erred on the side of caution and walked her up the road inhand (stupid steep blind bend, rush hour traffic ...) with the intent of clambering on once we're off road.

    naughty appley! she's five now and feeling a bit teenagery it seems! the little fidget midget just would not stand nicely for me to get on using 'something' as a little step (i cannot vault on for the life of me!), so I had to resort to using the stirrup in the end 0 which i'd never done before without someone holding the other side as shes only 12.2 (at a push!), quite round, x wide saddle ... you see why i don't try this normally, right?

    anyhoo - the saddle did not move! PHEWY!! (and thank you SBloom, saddle fitter extraordinaire!).

    once onboard we met a mountainbiker, some dogs, walkers ... no probs :)

    only two bouts of 'creativity' on Appley's part where she thought it could be marvellous fun to spin on a sixpence and try to change direction suddenly. luckily, all i had to do was turn her back the way she came and urge her on the 'right' way, bless her :wub:

    all in all a success methinks :D

  2. Sparklie

    Sparklie Active Member

    Yay well done little Appley :biggrin:

    Onwards and upwards now!! Lots of pottering about in the sunshine.

    I think baby horses much prefer hacking to schooling so it's nice that you've got somewhere to hack her offload
  3. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    yep, we have a lot of hacking once the roadwork is out of the way :D we can access the south downs within about 20/30mins ride, with near endless possibilities :D

    i'm a happy hacker, anyways so i'll happily stick to schooling once a week (we have one lesson per week in the school) and hack the rest of the time. my other pony, angel, doesn't really go in the school at all, ahem ... but we plod around for hours instead :)
  4. juliecwuk

    juliecwuk Well-Known Member

    well done little Appley!
  5. OwnedbyChanter

    OwnedbyChanter With out my boys life would be bland

    Well done I have a lot of time for people you hack young ones I would never be that brave. Well done little one
  6. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    i hacked her the 3rd time i sat on her :wub: only because she's such a good girl though, i'd poop myself on anything else i can reassure you :wink:
  7. MPR

    MPR New Member

    Excellent :)
  8. KarinUS

    KarinUS Active Member

    Yay Appley. Are there any pics of the wonderpony anywhere?
  9. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Yaye, go you two!!!!
  10. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    took her out again today :) this time I got on at the yard and road up the road to the bridleway (not a long way at all, 5 mins or something but up a stupid steep blind bend that's reasonably busy). she was good as gold :inlove:

    had a bit of a jump at a stealth jogger (brighton marathon in two weeks time - they're out in force! neonclad, headphoned up and oblivious to the outside world ....) and met a lot of dogwalkers, too! she ogled but was calm :) also met an electric wheelchair (offroad!), a children's football match and two 'big' horses going the other way - all good :) very happy with my little girlie :)

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