Arena surfaces?

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  1. Miss Maximo

    Miss Maximo "Dressage Queen"

    Does anyone know any companies / suppliers with good value for money arena surfaces?
  2. eml

    eml Moderator

    Manchester Plastics. Ours was supplied by them and is great.
  3. flashy33

    flashy33 threadkiller

    if you anywhere near an estuary or such like , look out for when they dredge it , you can buy the sand for a real bargin price , and cos its salted , it wont freeze unlike normal sand
  4. lisa+pilgrim

    lisa+pilgrim New Member

    check with your local council if there is any recycling plants in your area. we have a firm that the council pays them to pick up all types of wood, they shred it and give it away for free. not the best stuff but everyone down here is using, studs, yards, private yards.
  5. cloversluck

    cloversluck New Member

    Before we recently got a sand arena we used to ask the local tree felling man could we have any spare wood chip, turned out he wanted us too have as much as we could because he was charged to get rid of it properly. it was quite a good surface but needed good drainage as it soon got soggy.
  6. cloversluck

    cloversluck New Member

    only just noticed lisa+pilgrims post, sorry l+p :eek: :D
  7. EquineCompare

    EquineCompare New Member

    We used wood chip from our local recycling and just had to pay a small fee for a lorry load so nice and cheap. :D We have used it for our dog's area in the garden (they wreck the grass!) but we have found that over time it seems to mulch down so I have to keep topping it up every so often with a few bags of barkchip. Just something to keep in mind.

  8. Henderz

    Henderz New Member

    Would that not affect the horses legs??
  9. Mainland

    Mainland New Member

    Arena Surfaces

    We specialise in nationwide supply and delivery of equestrian silica sand and rubber chip suitable for riding arenas, lunges and gallops. Please visit our website for a quote

    Best Regards

    Scott Chambers
    Mainland Aggregates Ltd

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