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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by tiga, Apr 4, 2011.

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    When I am out hacking I hate having to have my pockets full of phone, hoof pick, baling twine etc. But as I wear an air jacket I can't wear a little backpack or bag.

    So when I had Izzy's saddle made I had some D rings but on the back so I could clip a little saddle pack to it. But I don't know what they are called and can't find one.:stomp:

    Does anyone have something like this or know where you can get them? Even what they are called?

    I have googled saddle packs and saddle bags but they are all big ones, for proper all day rides.

    Any ideas gratefully received, otherwise I might ask KVis if Paul could make me one.
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    There are also the cantel bags which clip to the D`s at the bag of the saddle. However the easiest place for a horse to carry anything is across the front of the saddle rather than the back. I used to make `swag bags`which would fit a large amount of things inside and would fasten to the front dees of the saddle with two straps. This arrangement also meant you could strap a waterproof coat to the saddle as well, across the top of the swag bag. Great for long rides. Another benefit was that the swag bag fastened to the front of the saddle gave you added security in the saddle as there was more in front of you. Gone off the subject a bit, but if you don`t have much to carry then a small saddle bag would suffice.
  7. tiga

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    Thanks so much for all the ideas. I will have a look tonight.

    Hadn't thought of carrying it on the cantle, but that does make sense.

  8. natural horse

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    The cantel bag actually rests on the horses back behind the saddle. It is easier for the horse to carry if the load is in front of the pommel.:smile:
  9. tiga

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    Oops, another numpty moment!:giggle:

    I do have them a LOT!
  10. Kis Vihar

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    Tiga, don't worry about it... I spent some time explaining someone's saddle fit in great detail and called the pommel the cantle, TWICE! :ninja: And I'm a bl**dy saddler!! :redcarded::redcarded:
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    Me too, But I always blame it on my age. :giggle::giggle:
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  13. tiga

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    Oh, I don't worry about it. I have so many numpty moments I would continually be in a worried state!:giggle:

    On Saturday I had a spectacular one in front of about half the yard. Waited for my friend to finish her lesson to hack out with her. Let Izzy have some grass but then he had a gobful of grass. Being a numpty I thought I would just take of his bridle, clean his gob out and put it back on.

    Cue, Izzy dragging me around eating while I tried to convince him to put his head up for the bridle. He is VERY strong and would not lift his head. Took 3 of us and peppermints to get his bridle on. With the rest of the yard, RI, visitors laughing hysterically at yet another Izzy and Anne Thelwell moment. Don't know what I was thinking!:redcarded:
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    I have these pommel ones
    The pockets are much bigger than you look. In one of the side ones I have a ordinary sized drinks bottle (it fits perfectly) and on the other side I have jam packed in a pack-a-mac! The only trouble is my reins keep getting caught under the drinks bottle but Im gettin used to unhooking them without even thinking about it anymore! It depends how much you want to carry. Its a bit like handbags - the bigger a bag you have the more stuff you seem to want to carry around 'just in case'!

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