Bar shoes, how long & how much did you pay?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ace87, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Ace87

    Ace87 Quitus & Strike

    Just curious about other people who have had bar shoes on their horses..

    How long did they have them on for and how much did the bar shoes cost?

    Prices round here varied so much it was crazy!
  2. amandal

    amandal New Member

    £60 for front pair, have had them on since early October. They've really worked for us.
  3. Ace87

    Ace87 Quitus & Strike

    I think I've been ripped off! I pair £80 for one bar shoe and one regular front shoe!

    First time round I paid £110 for 1 bar shoe, some remedial work and a front shoe and a trim of his hinds!

    Thank god we're onto normal shoes again but I have to agree they've really worked wonders for Q's crack in his feet, they're looking really good and have hardened up really well!
  4. Gruntfuttock

    Gruntfuttock Evil Enabler

    Bl**dy hell thats a lot ! Brook's previous farrier charged £60 for a full set. A few weeks ago he couldnt make it, when she badly needed ding, and I had to use the other farrier that comes to the yard. It cost £75, and I thought that was painful :) He did an exceptional job though (well, his apprentices, not him personally). The farrier at our new yard is cheaper, no idea what his work is like as yet.
  5. Ace87

    Ace87 Quitus & Strike

    GF we had a specialist remedial guy who only does remedial work (he has since retired poor bloke) but are looking to change our regular farrier after being messes about with appointments tooo many times. Can you PM me the names of those you mentioned in your post please? I'd really appreciate it! :)
  6. amandal

    amandal New Member

    My full set costs me £92, £60 for the bar fronts and £32 for the normal hinds.

    A normal set is £60.
  7. Louisiana

    Louisiana New Member

    I pay an absolute fortune for shoeing as my horse has egg bars in front and natural balance behind. She also has road nails. My bills are usually about the £100 mark and I get her done every 5 weeks. However this farrier is brilliant and does a great job. My horse has navicular and he does a really good job with her. When I was at another yard I tried their farrier a few times. He was loads cheaper but really did not do a good job and I was not impressed at at. Needless to say I got my normal farrier back :)
  8. Flony_Pony

    Flony_Pony New Member

    I've had some awful farrier (hate to say it Louisiana but your isnt the nicest!! hes nasty and he made so many horses lame at work!) I had Flos remedial shoes done at the vets and were about £50 for work and shoes for fronts. Now I have a decent farrier she is fine and sound!
  9. vikkig

    vikkig New Member

    my friend used to pay £110 for two front bar shoes and normal back ones,

    she fell out with this farrier and asked for mine to come and see her horses and he charged £75 for the same work :eek:

    i like my farrier he is good with the horses
  10. mummys**boy

    mummys**boy New Member

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  11. Louisiana

    Louisiana New Member

    I think you must have my farrier confused lol. Twiz is the only one he used to shoe at that yard!
  12. Louisiana

    Louisiana New Member

  13. chaospony

    chaospony Chaospony

    Eeek, you guys make me love my farrier!!! When my old horse cracked his pedal bone and had to have an egg bar put on for over 6 months he just charged me the same as for regular shoes. And even came out at 8pm the same day my vet said that is what he needed, oh and the charge of changing just that shoe that day was £15. Then on the regular visits was just the same price, £45 for the set of 4. I think he has gone up to £50 or £55 now, I am not sure as my currant horse is barefoot, and I only pay £15 for a trim.
  14. Wally

    Wally Well-Known Member

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