BD Intro Test A 2008 (walk and trot)

Discussion in 'Dressage & Classical Training' started by Mr Ed, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Mr Ed

    Mr Ed New Member

    Hi, does anyone know the sequence of this test please? I'm sort of thinking I might be able to do it (but it would be my first ever :eek::confused:)

  2. Laura83

    Laura83 New Member

    Yes, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to reproduce it here? Can I?

    It's not difficult. Just practice 20m and 10m circles on both reins in trot and walk, trot-walk-trot transitions, free walk on the long rein you need to give enough rein to allow your horse to stretch as far as possible while keeping a consistent contact ie. don't just chuck down the reins and push him/her on to overtrack - double points for the free walk - and a nice square halt.

    The most complicated it gets is a half 10m circle right at E to X followed by a half 10m circle left at X to B followed immediately by a transition to walk after B for 3-7 strides. The rest is just 20m circles and changing the rein across the diagonal.
  3. Mr Ed

    Mr Ed New Member

    Thank you Laura. I found a website where I could buy the 'sequence' from. So I can practice it in my lessons!


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