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Discussion in 'Dressage & Classical Training' started by Stella2, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    Could someone tell me what they are? :confused:
  2. Willingbe

    Willingbe New Member

    From the BD Rule Book


    From experience:-
    Rosettes are given at the discretion of the organiser (especially if you're the only one in the Training Section :D ).
    Your scores will be put up on the score board but won't appear on the BD web site (if you don't want your score appearing at all then enter HC).

    It's a useful class if you want to try the next level up without compromising your eligibility to enter a restricted section in the current level.
  3. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    Ahh thanks :) Your final point makes it - make sense!
  4. DITZ

    DITZ New Member

    whats the difference between that and just entering a normal class HC?
  5. star

    star officially BVetMed MRCVS

    you can get rossies in training sections.

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