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Discussion in 'Tried and Tested' started by jumpjaky, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. jumpjaky

    jumpjaky SJ queen!

    my best jods are horsewhere or some cheap robbinsons ones. i find the cheaper the comfyer! but im strange i think my mum dropped me when i was young so i've got a screw loose. what do you all think make the best/comfyest jods?
  2. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    I like my Caldene ones I bought when I was about 18, I'm 34 now :eek:

    Needless to say they have a saggy bum to match mine :D

    I have bought others in the past 18 months but still like my tatty old Caldene's and only wear the others if the old favs are in the wash :rolleyes:
  3. Fizzy's mum

    Fizzy's mum New Member

    I managed to "win" a pair of Musto jods on Ebay for £23 instead of £50rrp.... they are soooooooo comfy!
  4. Bought a navy blue pair from tally-ho 4 years ago. They've survived being worn nearly all the time since then and have withstood 3 1/2st of weight fluctuation (i went up 3st, then down 3 1/2 :rolleyes::)) they're warm in winter, cool in summer, nice and stretchy so comfy for long hacks and they've held their colour amazingly well (although they're starting to look a little purpley). There is a hole where if you think about it, it would be most logical to get a hole considering how you sit on a horse :eek: but you can't see it at all and a bit of DIY sewing and they're right as rain now! They're a good length and although i keep buying new pairs, i can't bring myself to throw them away and keep digging them back out of the drawer! If i could find an identical pair, but new again, i'd get them no question; they were a bargain for £25 and they've totally paid for themselves :D!
  5. lachlanandmarcu

    lachlanandmarcu New Member

    Saddlecraft make the comfiest cotton/lycra ordinary jodhs I think
    Katy jods from Equestrianclearance are really hard wearing and the ones I got (10 pairs for £60, all black) are quite nylony on the outside but actually soft brushed inside. They are my day to day ones
    I like the upper ranges from Horka but do find seams split (and not due to me trying to get into sizes too small!)
  6. connieD

    connieD New Member

    i also have horseware ones which i love, they are really comfy and light material yet really warm in the winter and cool in the summer!
  7. coss

    coss Schooling fan

    i love equitech, very stretchy fabric and pretty colours :eek::p they seem to wear well too :)
  8. Jobi-Wan Kenobi

    Jobi-Wan Kenobi Every Day Is A School Day

    my robinsons ones are lasting well but I like the phoenix ones for VFM.
  9. xloopylozzax

    xloopylozzax New Member

    I got some cheap joddys on a stall at a show (no brand) for £7 (we made him bargain lol) and they have lasted 2 1/2 years so far with continuous wear.
    they are comfy, and a good colour- yellow with black check :D i used to have yellow wellies aswell so when i rode out they always saw me!
  10. vikkig

    vikkig New Member

    i like K*ty jods off equestrian clearance, they are cheap and really comfortable, and even fit my legs and i am 5"10
  11. raingodz

    raingodz New Member

    for basic jods I like Gorringe 400's I now have 3 pairs!
  12. vimto92

    vimto92 Often indecisive...

  13. ~*sugarlump*~

    ~*sugarlump*~ rather be riding...

    i love my harry hall atlantas. had them about 3 years and are very comfy. i now have 2 pairs, maybe going on three pairs soon ;)

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