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    KERRYS.WALES New Member

    can you post your ways of storing hay. the field where i keep my horses is a ten min drive from my house. it has a shelter for the horses but nothing else. as this is all new to me i was wondering should i (1) store hay in my garage at home and take it down every day in the car. (2) buy a small cheap shed and store a couple of bales in it at a time so i dont have to cart it every day. (3) is there some way to store it outside without it spoiling. hope you made sense of all that. ideas appreciated :)
  2. *Lizzie*

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    A few weeks ago I was wondering the same thing! We decided that in the end it was easier for us to pile bales up on pallets in the field and put tarpaulin over them. Its not the best thing I'm sure but it does the job for now.
    We were told that you need planning permission even for a tiny shed so be careful about that!
    Also you might find that if you store hay in your garage then it will attract vermin (not sure though). You can get big plastic bags to put bales in so you don't mess up your car.
    Just some things to think about there sorry I havn't been much help!

    Lizzie :)

    KERRYS.WALES New Member

    hi lizzie. does the tarpaulin make the hay sweat? what about the sides of the hay? is that covered too. is it on a pallet on the grass or on concrete. thanks for your help
  4. Holly B

    Holly B New Member

    I think the best thing would be to buy a small garden shed. I bet you can fit quite a bit of hay in one. It's more expensive than tarpaulins but will be easier in the long run as tarpaulins can flap in the wind, make hay sweat etc. If you can't afford a shed right now then tarpaulins would be good temporarily though. :)
  5. claire louise u

    claire louise u New Member

    hi our hay is on pallets outside with tarpalines top and sides with maybe one or two on the very top to peak it to let the water run off, so far its ok and not sweating, use plenty of string to tie it down :)
  6. jowyles

    jowyles New Member

    No matter how much string u use the tarpaulin will come off, my dad makes hay to sell and has lost alot of it in the past, better to keep it in your garage or get a small shed.
  7. GOBBY

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    Before we had extra buildings we did the same as claire louise, i use to put breeze blocks on the ropes to hold it down, did it for several years and never had any problems,
  8. Daffy Dilly

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    We have an old lorry back. It's got roughly 75-100 bales (straw and hay) in there and we've still got another 60 odd bales in the tackroom. :rolleyes: From what I gather they aren't expensive, ours was on the yard before we were. But it's waterproof and roomy.
  9. Clipperchuck

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