Bib clip with trimmers?

Discussion in 'General' started by Smartie's mum, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Smartie's mum

    Smartie's mum New Member

    I've never clipped my horse before, but I need to this winter as I have a sharer that will be riding her in the week and she is getting pretty sweaty when I ride her.

    I want to give her a bib clip as she lives out. She is very sensitive and I'm pretty sure the sound of clippers would make her go nuts.

    I'm considering buying rechargable trimmers, as these are a lot quieter (plus putting cotton wool in her ears), and using those, as it will only be under the neck and chest. Has anyone else used trimmers rather than clippers for a small clip? What do you reckon?
  2. joey_olop

    joey_olop I Love My Olops!!!!!

    Ive no idea sorry but always wondered the same thing.....will be interested in the replies :)

    We have no mains switch to plug clippers in down my yard but I do own rechargable trimmers. I do my cobs thick feathers with them but dunno if they would manage a bip clip?????
  3. Bozzy

    Bozzy Formally Becca120

    I had to my rechargable Wahl trimmers to do Forrest's neck as he couldn't handle having the large, very noisy clippers anywhere near his head.

    Couldn't manage to do all of it as he got a bit stressed so I'll have to sedate him to finish it off but they did the job ok.
  4. andreaB

    andreaB New Member

    there are very few trimmers that will do the majority of horses , unless they have a fairly fine coat , they are only designed for tidying up & fiddly bits

    imo you'd be better off spending the cash hiring proper clippers , an agri marchants near me hire them at £5/day , bargain imo,
  5. Prancing Pony

    Prancing Pony New Member

    Yes I have. Wish I knew how to get photos up on here. I just used the Wahl Pro rechargeable and was amazed how powerful they were. Watch they don't get too hot though I used the 3mm blade guard to help keep them cool. Alternatively buy another set of blades and just snap them on when they get hot. O.k. tram lines and a few squiggly bits but I was really pleased not being an expert clipper!!
  6. Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden Koumpounophobic?

    I clipped my old cob's chest & neck with a set of rechargeable beard trimmers from Argos! Worked really well, he couldn't handle mains clippers.
  7. chewitmonster

    chewitmonster Silver! Hey-ho Tonto!!

    Yep I did last year. He got some of his neck and half of his belly chopped off with some Wahl trimmers. They were fine, just had to do it over two days because they needed recharging! He has fine hair though and not much of it so it wasn't hard work for the trimmers. :)

  8. jovi_y2k2

    jovi_y2k2 Well-Known Member

    you have to be careful though because trimmers really arent designed to do anything more than trimming head ears tidying lines etc, not even for feathers and if anything goes wrong with them and uve been doing more they wont be covered by warranty.
    there are a few quiet clippers available, and a couple are smaller than your bog standard clippers
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  9. Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden Koumpounophobic?

    I'm sure the warranty on my beard trimmers was void as soon as I waved them at a horse! They were fine though, the frustrating thing was short battery life but I found the hair on my cob's 'bib area' was quite soft & fluffy so they coped OK. The main thing was to keep them well oiled & give them a thorough clean after each use. They are still going, 3 years on!
  10. Smartie's mum

    Smartie's mum New Member

    Thanks everyone for the advice, I think I will give it a try with trimmers, as she is a part-bred Arab so her coat is pretty fine.
  11. kayjayhorses

    kayjayhorses New Member

  12. kayjayhorses

    kayjayhorses New Member

    this is the clip I did with them last year.
  13. Stencilbum

    Stencilbum New Member

    If they couldn't handle the sound of a mains set, then I'd use these also with the 3 mm length guard

    The main difference (including price) between some higher quality human clippers (£35 ish from argos) and animal ones (Elements are £63 on my site delivered) is that the battery life on human ones is rubbish about 15 minutes, and the battery life on the Elements is about 1 hour because they use a very high quality rechargable battery in them .

    In terms of construction there isn't a lot of difference IMO.

    The Elements are classed as a heavy duty trimmer.

    Jessie (in this pic on the RHS) was clipped with Human one from Argos (Scherma IIRC) as at the time she was too nervous to stand for a set of proper animal clippers.

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