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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by Croline, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Croline

    Croline New Member

    Hi Everyone

    Just looking for some opinions! My horse came to me 5 months ago in a Myler gag, which she didn't go well in - just kept running through and evading the bit. I have put her in a loose ring Nathe mullen mouth snaffle and she is a million times better in this. She is really sensitive mouthed, so when she rushes on too quickly it is difficult to slow her down without putting too much pressure on the bit and upsetting her - this makes her rush on even faster with her head in the air! Mostly she is fine now, but every so often I have a bad day with her, and was wondering if maybe there is another bit I can try if the Nathe snaffle starts to be a problem too? I was thinking maybe a rubber Pelham? She is very quiet out hacking, this is just a problem I have in the school. And before you ask: back, saddle, teeth, etc etc all okay. This is just a schooling issue!

    Any ideas?
  2. pineapple

    pineapple New Member

    my pony is very sensitive in the mouth, but speedy and in open areas when cantering/galloping with others i needed something stronger.

    i used a normal straight bar pelham at first. but for some reason i find she comes onto the bit well in a 3 ring gag. i use the second ring. and she goes really well...
  3. Croline

    Croline New Member

    Thank you for that, I was looking at the Dutch gag but I used one on my last horse and it just made him panic and raise his head, backing off the I am wary now!
  4. pippy

    pippy New Member

    hi i have a three ring dutch gag for sale if you are interested its a 5ich i only want a fifa for it plus £1.50 p+p
    pm if interested :D
  5. xloopylozzax

    xloopylozzax New Member

    i would say a pelham, the poll pressure will bring her head down (if thats what she does to evade) and you will have more brakes.
    you can only use the curb when you need brakes and leave it quite loose when you dont.
    i reccomend them especially a mullen mouth one.
    or a vulcanite (plastic) but these are very thick if she has a fat tongue.
  6. Spuds

    Spuds luff yooooo gucci =D

    i use a loop ring snaffle at the moment, and so far shes a lot better than she was in her sweet irn loose ring snaffles - its just like a continental gag, but without the severity
  7. tashm

    tashm New Member

    Hey I had the same problem with my TB. He is sooo sensitive in the mouth have tried every bit ubder the sun and like you I flatwork him in a Nathe bit which he loves and is great in however when it comes to jumping he is really fast and strong. I tried a 3 ring which he HATED, tried all sorts of happy mouths and either had too much control where he would start to refuse or with a simple snaffle he still was too strong. I know jump in a hackamore and he is a completely different horse i would really recommend one!

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