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Discussion in 'General' started by Nico101, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Nico101

    Nico101 Mmmmmmmmmm Chestnut


    I'm taking Nico to HUby and Sutton show, he is going in the Total care Turn out class and potential sports hore in hand class,

    question ..

    fancy browband in the turnout class

    plain in the sports horse or fancy in this too??

    help i'm in a dilema?

    thank you
  2. Daffy Dilly

    Daffy Dilly New Member

    Have you got a picture of him? It will depend on what type he actually is. :)
  3. Nico101

    Nico101 Mmmmmmmmmm Chestnut


    i have millions of piccys :)

    here are afew so you can get a feel of his type






    thank you :D
  4. must just say he is flippin' gorgeous!! :eek::D
  5. Nico101

    Nico101 Mmmmmmmmmm Chestnut

    any one any ideas?

  6. Nico101

    Nico101 Mmmmmmmmmm Chestnut

  7. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    Both are acceptable in either class, although sport horse classes do tend not to be wearig the velvet covered browbands. Clencher, padded or stiched are the more usual.
  8. Vicki&Milo

    Vicki&Milo The Apprectices

    I'm not sure about the correctness, but I would be incllined ot go plain and show off those fantastcial facial markings!
  9. Nico101

    Nico101 Mmmmmmmmmm Chestnut

    I think i'll got for the plain in the sports horse class and the fancy in the turnout class :)

    thank you for your opinions

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