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Discussion in 'Training of the Horse' started by spencer's mam, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. spencer's mam

    spencer's mam New Member

    is there anything you can do to stop a horse bucking when excited?
    hes had everyting checked about 100x's is fine alone but if in company and they are going faster than a walk he gets happy and bucks :confused:
  2. Aimee-x

    Aimee-x Aimee-x

    Other than trying to keep his head up i'm not sure tbh!
    Just try to keep his head up, or if you feel his back tense up, turn him tight or disengage his quarters, though most horses are quick and you won't really have time to before he does it..
    I tend to just sit to them and ride through it personally , if it's just a lighthearted, excited buck, or go "oiiii ! " lol, maybe a little tap on the shoulder with your crop if really needed.
    Don't think that's really helped has it? :eek: Hope you sort it! :)
  3. spencer's mam

    spencer's mam New Member

    thanks :)
    hes not to huge and i can sit to them its embarassment more than anything when theres other people around [ok man iam in love with] what if i fall off infront of every1 lol.
  4. puzzles

    puzzles New Member

    If he isn't in pain and you are able to sit to the odd buck then I wouldn't worry. I don't think there's much you can do, as already said, other than trying to keep his head up. :)

  5. cloudandmatrix

    cloudandmatrix New Member

    if u feel him stop, back up or tense up- KICK ON!! evil pony taught me this one! he can only do proper bucks if he is still other than that-- sit back and dont let his head go near his knees!
  6. Sierra

    Sierra New Member

    How long have you been riding him? If it hasnt been for long, he is probably still just 'trying it on' and should stop in the future if you are consistent with telling him off.
  7. speedygonzalez

    speedygonzalez New Member

    My mare bucks out of excitement in canter and i do try and sit them out and keep her head up but once her squeals and bucking fit is over she just stops dead and its then i end up eating dirt lol. I cant really give any advice, just sit tight :D

    Speedy x
  8. RRA

    RRA New Member

    How old is he? Mine (just 6) gets a smack on the neck with the crop as its the noise that seems to be most effective and a verbal..I just say her name, in my best telling off tone! then sharp circles if you have the opportunity - even if the bucking is due to excitement its not ideal behaviour - I have sat mine when she's done quite a number of 'excitable' bucks in succession but there was the BIG one that I didn't stay on for as it came too sharp too fast...ouch!
    Good luck getting it sorted :)
  9. lilac tree

    lilac tree New Member

    Hi, i used to have what i thought was this problem. i.e. i thought it was excitement. However after a year or so i began to correlate me tensing my hips as the cause of bucking. So if i was slightly anxious she would buck, and because i would only get anxious when cantering or jumping, i thought it was excitement. As soon as i realised this, the bucking stopped imediately. so now if i feel myself tense up (even if i don't feel nervous), i make an effort to relax my hips we can avoid any bucks, even if she has started to arch her back ready.

    hope this helps

    lilac tree xx

    p.s. it was a poorly fitting saddle that originally started the bucking into canter, but even when that was changed i still had a mental block with canter and the expectation of me having to hold on when i asked for the transition.
  10. tina1958

    tina1958 New Member

    I have a small bucking problem which is usually an 'i don't want to do this so p***off' she knows i am not the strongest rider in the world so I have enlisted the help of other more confident capable riders to work through it for me. This is working well. As I think she gets a confidence crisis about cantering and they are really helping with this instead of making things worse.

    I do canter her when I am out and she is usually fine its just more difficult for her in the school. She does sometimes put in a buck when we are out in company. I am learning to keep my heels down and relax. I sit back a little as we 'just in case' usually once she has do the transition she is fine
  11. bitsnpieces

    bitsnpieces Active Member

    it's one of those things that you are best off addressing now before it becomes more exaggerated - my lil sis ended up riding a 16yr old that had been allowed to get away with it for years and he could get his lil pony butt up pretty high!!! ended up getting her hurt quite a few times, just try listening to him and working out what his tell tale sign is, bit of tension in the back, shake up of the head, legs going all over the place that sort of thing make sure you sit deep and push him forward into a contact so the energy that would have gone upward into bucking is being channelled. Other than that - just boot him one when he does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ;)

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