Canadian Working Student Placement (Summer mths or Gap Year)

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    I have attached details of a working student placement we are offering at our Dressage and Hunter/Jumper yard nr Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

    Benefits include:

    - One hour instruction from Coach Dobson daily (assuming no extenuating circumstances) either in equitation or stable/equine management.
    - General instruction/experience in all areas of barn management, equine handling, equitation.
    - Training towards riding requirements for BHS Stage 1, 2 and 3 riding examinations.
    - Teaching experience (based on candidate’s ability)
    - ‘Train a Horse Program’ – Assuming pre-requisites in knowledge and capability have been met – after a two month period the candidate will be assigned a horse (based on match of skills/temperament, etc.) to be responsible for training.

    We have approximately 22 horses – a mix of client horses in for training, our own dressage and hunter/jumper horses and youngsters that we are bringing on. In addition to training client horses we also run a lesson program – the coaching provided is in small groups (either private or 2-3 riders per group) to ensure the best effect for horse and rider.

    Our day begins at 7.30am with feeding, turning out and mucking out. As with most yards there is plenty of work but we keep a fun atmosphere and treat you well, we expect the same respect in return.

    There are multiple riding opportunities each day with training from Coach Dobson daily also (assuming no extenuating circumstances). Based on your riding experience, effort and development you would also have the opportunity to develop and execute a training program for an assigned horse, ride in dressage clinics we host and potentially show also (at Coach Dobson’s discretion).

    The placement runs for a minimum of 3 months – experience tells us that to get the most out of the experience the best duration is at least 6 months but it is not a necessity.

    Coach Dobson also has extensive equine therapy services experience – having accompanied the Canadian Olympic Team to Athens, providing horse therapy services for the team. She has trained with Canadian greats such as Cindy and Neil Ishoy, Ian Miller, Jim Day and still trains with Jill Steadman on a regular basis. Ms Dobson also hosts clinics with such talent as Chris Von Martels (Dressage) and Rhegan White (formerly of Aderro Dressage in the UK and a dedicated student of Conrad Schumacher).

    There is no salary but room and board are covered so you have no living expenses while you are here except what you choose to do in your free time.

    A Canadian Young Person’s visa would need to be obtained (assistance and advice will be provided) and flights/visa expenses must be covered by the applicant.

    You would gain international experience, experience the culture of another country and receive coaching from a high-level Canadian coach as well as riding and teaching opportunities (based on the level/skill of the student). In addition you would have the ability to see some of Canada including Niagara Falls, Toronto and events such as the Royal Horse Show (if you are present in November).

    Essential are a good work ethic, high level of horse care, a strong desire to learn and a fun and positive attitude.

    To apply - or respond with questions email me at - - see our website

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