Can't put bridle together! Help!

Discussion in 'General' started by BeachRiding, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. BeachRiding

    BeachRiding New Member

    I just bought an english bridle,and I can't figure out how to put it together, as I normally use western bridles without a noseband.

    I have the bit on correctly, but just need to know how to put on the noseband piece!

    Pics would definately help,or a good description!:eek:
  2. JumpingJazz

    JumpingJazz Guest

    I have no idea eather. I have to do it for me BHS Horse Owners Certificate Level 1. I'm dreading that part because I dont have a clue. :confused:
  3. BeachRiding

    BeachRiding New Member

    Well, I need a quick reply,as i need to go ride Gitcha and can't if the bridle is in
  4. PinkGlamourGurl

    PinkGlamourGurl Wont you shine, shine on.

    ok i'll try.......

    Get headpiece bit then put top of noseband through the browband loop bit that connects to the headpiece, it should run along the underneath of the headpiece. If that makes sense :confused:

    Oh well, i tried :p Natxxx
  5. jroz

    jroz New Member

    I'll try to explain....

    Hopefully this will make sense...

    The leather portions of the noseband (which would lie on either side's of the horse's face) need to go up through the browband one one side, lay underneath the leather portion that would lie at the poll and then through the browband on the otherside and down.

    If your noseband is only adjustable on one side (the buckle side) you would start on the opposite side, since the buckle cannot pass through the loops on the browband.

    Once you have it worked through, just hold the bridle up by your hand to adjust the straightness of it, so it's not cockeyed.
  6. BeachRiding

    BeachRiding New Member

    Well, my bridle didn't come with a browband, that could be the problem...
  7. PinkGlamourGurl

    PinkGlamourGurl Wont you shine, shine on.

    that is a problem :S
  8. BeachRiding

    BeachRiding New Member

    *Runs back to store for exchange...*

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