Clydesdale X cob ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lonestar, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Does anyone have any information on the breed?

    Or pictures would be very very very useful.

    As im going to view a Clydesdale X cob tomorrow, and would like to know what they look like, as the owner only sent a picture of his head to us.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. devonlass

    devonlass New Member

    Very chunky I should imagine!!

    Sorry couldn't resist that!!

    I have a pure bred clyde,she's a doll if that any help!!

    I would have thought cobx would be up to carrying a good weight,be fairly sensible and laid back,with hopefully a little bit more va va vroom than the clyde (speed demons they ain't!!).Hopefully the clyde influence would perhaps cancel out the sometimes bolshy nature that cobs seem to have:rolleyes:

    Am only guessing going by what I know of the two breeds but guess they are all going to be different.Will have to try him and see,and don't forget pics:D
  3. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Hehe thanks.

    Yeah i thought about the chunkiness but in the picture he didnt look that chunky (have a picture of his body now :D)

    So, if he doesnt look chunky..chunky, do you think he will have more cob than clydes in him?

    And i deffo wont forget pics ;)
  4. Rarah

    Rarah A hole in my Logic!

    I guess with most cross breeds (especially cobs!) you can get massive variations.

    This is my Clydesdale x cob. Her markings are very clydesdale like but she's only 14.2.

    I have her clipped out these days but she's got massive hairy feet!!


  5. shoreset

    shoreset New Member

    the roan in the background

  6. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Rarah - your horse is absolutely gorgeous!, and looks alot like the one im going to see today, just doesn't have any leg markings.

    What do you do with her?
  7. SavingGrace

    SavingGrace New Member

    Not sure how much but theres a bit of Clydesdale in there rest is cob! :) Irish cob x Welsh Cob :)

  8. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Oooh, Thankyou very much, :) 'his gorgeous btw.

    What do you do with him/her?
    Do you compete?
    How old is she/he?

    (sorry for questions... went a bit overboard :rolleyes:)
  9. SavingGrace

    SavingGrace New Member

    He is now semi retired with his previous owner to me, couple of young girls have him on loan!

    He will 16yrs old this year, I competed him in dressage and we done a couple of showjumping shows up to 65cm although he could (and would) jump a lot higher! Horse of a lifetime he was he retired due to arthitis wouldn't stay sound enough to continue competing or doing anything other than quiet hacking
  10. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Thats a gorgeous picture :D
  11. Pink's lady

    Pink's lady Banned

    Pink - clydesdale x.


    A clydesdale x will almost invariable be sabino (big ragged white legs, usually some splashes of white on the belly and a big white face marking) as all clydesdales have sabino in them.

    They are also tend to be a more 'leggy' type of cob - although solid they are more athletic looking.

    And so far all clydesdalex cobs I know are forward going -nice natured and quiet but no dead-to-the-leg plod!
  12. joey_olop

    joey_olop I Love My Olops!!!!!

    Sorry to hi-jack but Pink is gorgeous!!!
  13. Pink's lady

    Pink's lady Banned

    Why thank you:D I know:D And she knows it too:D


    I am of course bias but I think she's one of the nicest cobs I've seen for a while. Pretty mare but also a very nicely put together mare with none of the normal cob faults. We're hoping to breed from her again at some point - if we got an exact replicate I'd be thrilled.
  14. Rarah

    Rarah A hole in my Logic!

    Thank you - I love her to bits - she's an absolute sweathear.

    Logic's just coming back into work after an accident but last year we did lots of dressage and hacking. A couple of hunts and pleasure rides too.

    Good luck with the viewing - hope all goes well.
  15. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    My neighbour drives a Clydesdale cross cob - we think cross welsh and trotter (she has a VERY fast trot!). She has a lovely nature but is VERY manic to ride and drive. However he knows that she was very harshly treated in a previous home, which could have lead to her behaviour. She doesnt do anything bad - just does everything very quickly! She looks rather similar to Logic, but with a dishy face and very curved ears (though in Clydesdale size!). She is around 14.1hh, but about the same in width! She is dark dapple bay wiht the usual sabino blaze, stockings and belly splash, with big feathers, and a mane down past her shoulders.
  16. holiday

    holiday holiday

    I couldnt resist, this is my shire x cob foal at a day old!!!!

    Hes still sleeping alot, at 7 months old!!!!!

    This is my Clydesdale x mare (out of a clydesdale mare)
  17. joey_olop

    joey_olop I Love My Olops!!!!!

    I love the big white face look :)

    Good luck with the viewing mia-cavalla :)
  18. Nookster

    Nookster Active Member

    I used to have a Clydesdale x Cleveland Bay she was a stunner. She came from HAPPA. Was ride and drive. She was a lovely mare when you got to bond with her even with her past, her only main fear was water but she over came that with time. She sadly PTS when she was 27.

    Some old photos -




    haha excuse the added text to some photos - teenager at the time ;) :D
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  19. Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden Koumpounophobic?

    Zak is supposed to be Clydesdale x cob, can't see much cob though tbh :)


    Sorry, this one is a bit dark!


    He is fab, a proper solid allrounder, and you get sound effects too! (Make sure you have the sound on for this one ;))


  20. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    :D Nookster - shes gorgeous (and don't worry about the writing on the photo's, I do it all the time.. :eek:)

    Iron Maiden - shes gorgeous, love the video, clip clop :p

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