Cobs and Dressage Saddles

Discussion in 'General' started by Laura2184, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Laura2184

    Laura2184 New Member

    Does anyone own a wide, short backed cob and ride in a dressage saddle? If so I'd love to hear what you ride in as I have been told I might not be able to get one for my boy and really want one..

  2. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    I have a big cob and he had an ansur classic dressage saddle, it fit him really nicely.
    Hes now got an icelandic treeless which also fits him nicely, and today i tried on my new startrekk saddle which is a dressage saddle, and with a wider head piece i think would fit him nicely:)
  3. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony

    How weird.:confused: I was told that Dressage saddles suit cobs better becuase of the strighter cut flaps. They dont tend to restrict the cobs shoulders which is much better for them..:)
  4. poohsmate

    poohsmate New Member

    certainly with SC saddles i have fitted quite a few dressage saddles to cobs with no problems.:)
  5. Daffy Dilly

    Daffy Dilly New Member

    I own a wide, not particularly short backed but big shouldered welsh cob, and got told that I might be lucky if I could find anything to fit him other than a dressage saddle.

    I can't think why a dressage saddle wouldn't work, jumping yes, but provided the saddle is correctly fitted...
  6. Laura2184

    Laura2184 New Member

    Thanks for your replies! So it is possible then! :rolleyes:
    I cant remeber why he said it might be hard... has anyone got a Wintec Isabelle werth dressage saddle? I think they are really comfy but would need a brown one, do they do them in brown?...sorry 100 questions!! :D
  7. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    I have a thorowgood cob dressage saddle for my cob. It's a cracking saddle and a super fit on him. I'd highly recomend it :)
  8. Laura2184

    Laura2184 New Member

    These dont come in brown do they?..
  9. Ross

    Ross New Member

    I had a dressage saddle for my lightweight, short cob type, exactly because of the straight flaps, which didn't restrict his shoulder at all. He wouldn't have counted as wide, but I know others who do have wide, short backed cobs and have dressage saddles, so yes, it can be done!

  10. Laura2184

    Laura2184 New Member

    Yes it is making sense now! big shouldered cob and straight cut flaps! ;) I was getting a bit confused by it all! Right - next challenge guys - I need a brown one and preferably under £400!! so will most likely be synthetic.

    Any ideas? :D
  11. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    ooh, i don't know. Check out robinsons website. They had them on special offer a while ago. They were down to £120!! i didn't really need a new saddle, but at that price it was worth buying :)
  12. CJABB

    CJABB New Member

    I had a wintec isabell for my cob and did not get on with it. I now have a thorowgood dressage saddle and love it. The 17 inch saddle fits my 14.0 short back and 14.2 normal back cobs really well.
  13. puzzles

    puzzles New Member

    Thorowgood, do saddles - including dressage ones - especially made for cobs
    I also love the wintec isabell, it is one of my favourite saddles.
  14. ponylover88

    ponylover88 Active Member

    My first saddle was a 2nd hand Kieffer, in good condition for less than your budget! :p

    I owned a big shouldered cob, and at the time did lots of jumping. Got the saddle fitter out only to be told that his conformation meant it would be almost impossible to find me a jump saddle, so ive ended up with a GP/VSD.

    Am sure wintec do, do brown, although im not 100% sure..
  15. CurlyWurlyRach

    CurlyWurlyRach Curly Wurly 1997 - 2009

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  16. Laura2184

    Laura2184 New Member

    T6 Cob dressage saddle

    Well Ive decided its hopeless trying to get a brown cob dressage saddle so Im gonna have to change his tack to black :(

    Has anyone had any experiences with the T6 Cob dressage saddle?....

    Thanks for your replies guys! Ive had this saddle dillema for months now so cant wait to have it sorted!! :rolleyes:
  17. parsharainbow

    parsharainbow Angel&the Big Ginger Thug

    yeah they do :) I've got a brown wintec dressage saddle for my cob x arab, and she goes better than ever in it :) and best of all its really comfortable :)

    Laura - dont change the tack to black, you can get the wintec in brown - honestly I've got one :)
  18. ponylover88

    ponylover88 Active Member

    Knew id seen one somewhere! :p
  19. Laura2184

    Laura2184 New Member

    parsharainbow - Thanks for that, can you post a pic of your horse so I can see her shape?
  20. vjwuk

    vjwuk New Member

    I've got a Wintec Isabelle, althoug my cob has a long back I have seen them be fitted fine to short backed as well

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