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  1. PonyMad25

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    I am looking for a Comtois, preferably gelding but they seem to be very far and few between. Does anyone know of any breeders or anyone with a Comtois for sale or loan?
  2. camel

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    I love Comtois! They are breed for meat I think in France :mad: (thats a 'sad' smiley not a 'mad' one!) so you may need to source one from the continent.

    What attracts you to them Ponymad? I know that at the mo it is becoming a big thing buying them from the meatfarms in France where they seem to be poorly treated (by all accounts) I don't really agree with this personally as it I think its a misguided kindness that can lead to all sorts of skullduggery and wrongdoing!! :eek:

    Let us know how you get on


    ETA - Just remembered I saw a Comtois for sale oin Horsemart last week, it was an advert for a Belgian draft and there was a pic of a comtois behind it - at the end of the ad it said 'if anyone is interested in the Comtois then I will sell him too'

    ETA (again) ... found it, 'twas a shire x not a Belgian draft
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  3. ~Perdita.M~

    ~Perdita.M~ Two Little Boys

    Oooh interesting..I never heard of them before:)
  4. ~Perdita.M~

    ~Perdita.M~ Two Little Boys

  5. PonyMad25

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    Hi camel!

    I have googled the Comtois horse and a couple of websites came up that rescue them from the meat farms in France and I must admit I did consider it but I think you might be right about it being misguided kindness. Also, a rescue probably would be right for me as I am looking for a confidence giver!

    I discovered the Comtois purely by accident whist on line and just fell in love with them! Also, as you can tell by my name, I am pony mad and although I would like something a bit bigger for my second horse I don't want anything too tall but do want something 'chunky' and sturdy and I read that Comtois should be between 14 and 15hh which would be just right for me and they certainly are 'chunky'! They are just so beautiful and having researched them they appear to generally have a very nice nature.

    I have seen one on Horsemart, might be the same one you mentioned because it was advertised with another but I think they were asking £4000 and also it was a mare and I would prefer a gelding. £4000 is out of my price range although I'm guessing they will all be out of my price range!!! Oh well, it's good to have a dream! :)
  6. PonyMad25

    PonyMad25 New Member

    Yeah, I have seen a couple of websites where you can bring them over from France - it is tempting but I don't think it would be the right thing for me to do.

    Don't you think they are gorgeous?!?!?!!
  7. camel

    camel New Member

    I think they are fab! bit short for me though (I prefer 16hh+) Foxymiche1 has one advertised on her website, its a mare though I'm afraid, not sure if its a Comtois or Ardennes as it says different things on her website to the horsemart page


    PS - There was an insinuation thats 'Safecobs' may think about importing Comtois and bringing them on as Safecobs as they have such a lovely nature
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    i have a registered comtois mare for sale. check out my website which is in my sig.

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