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Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by shockblue, May 26, 2011.

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    i get it often because now i dont ride after my accident last year people assume i have compeletley reverted back to a novice and then procede to give me advice on my ponys.
    I dont ride anymore - not because i am scared to get back on but because i feel everything offered to me is not suitable for someone who has lost their confidence, as greatful as i am for the offer - your 17.3 hot headed hunter is not what i want to go out on a hack on.

    i think people group people who are novices and have lost there confidence together when in fact they are two compeletely different things.
    it also infuriates me when people think just because i dont ride and have 2 11 hand odd ponys i need advice on junes ridden education and i am not capable of working with them 'because how can i possibly transfer groundwork into the saddle when i dont ride'. i especially dont need advice from 11-12 year olds about this when i have been working with horses for almost 17 years.
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    I've also had the offers of other peoples horses. I'm grateful that people offer to let me ride their horses and I can do it and have done I just don't enjoy it!

    I enjoy the bond of having known a horse for a while and working together as a team.

    I just don't enjoy riding other people horses! Horses do to tend to get fine tuned to their owners and It makes me uncomfortable If I feel they are too strong in the mouth and I feel I'm pulling but can't do much because its not my horse.

    When Maya was being backed last year I rode a horse for some riding fitness and I didn't like it. I did everything told of me. Even took him to a show and cantered around the warm up and did working trot. I had to kick him quite a bit as it w what he knew. I didn't like it.

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