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Discussion in 'Training of the Rider' started by gidget_love, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. gidget_love

    gidget_love New Member

    This is a 4 year old thoroughbred I have ridden four times. I have gotten critiques about how i should raise my hands, keep my shoulders steady, and also lean more forwards. Could anybody tell me when i should do these things? and what my problems jumping are?
    i have only been riding one year and have advanced very fast, and i have alot of knowledge and i am riding a 4 year old after only once a week lessons, so i can handle harsh critiques and i want to compete very soon..hopefully next week:)
    What could i improve on? and also what could i do to make my riding more hunter/jumper style, as I ride at a dressage barn, and used to ride dressage in my very short career.

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  2. gidget_love

    gidget_love New Member

    Oh, and the jump is around two foot five, and are all the ones on the chestnut thoroughbred mare. This is the second time she jumped pilons, and she was not nervous because I remained calm, just as my instructor told me to.
    Any Critiques are welcome and nessisary, please dont hold back and tell me what you think of my riding talent and ability.
  3. tbjumper127

    tbjumper127 jumpers unite..huah!

    one of the first things i noticed in glancing at your photos, was you come back in the saddle too early. you don't want to be in the saddle untill your horse's four hooves has hit the ground. you say your riding a green horse? well then it's VERY important to stay out of the saddle and get out of her way while she's figuring out her jumping technique. coming back on her back too early may cause her to catch rails with her back feet in the future--not a good thing in the jumper ring(for speed..penalties are a mother) or the hunter ring(where it wouldn't look very good). coming up to the fence you're out of the saddle a bit too soon. when she's coming up to it you're already leaning forward and up quite a bit. you wanna sit back and ride strong(i learned this by being put on POA's that like to refuse, spin, and run) and let her lift you out of the saddle naturally. you're overjumping a bit, you want your seat to not be in front of the pommel, or very far out of the pommel. i'm not going to critique you over the cross rails, because i find it difficult to critique someone over something that's really too small for your horse to lift you up well and give you a decent position. you have good eyes over fences though, looking up and for your next fence. your arms are pretty good, and your leg doesn't appear to have slipped back(it's hard to tell though with black breeches and black saddle). you also pump with your upper body at the canter(DRESSAGE RIDER!!!!! ;) ) so that's definatley a habit you want to break. honestly, i dont' know how to fix it, i've never had that problem and never encountered someone in real life that has.

    gorgeous horse, and you look like your coming along nicely.
  4. gidget_love

    gidget_love New Member

    what do you mean "you say your riding a green horse?"...i am...alot of people dont believe me though because ive been riding only one year but im really good and im going to compete... Sorry to challenge you or anything, i was just wondering what you ment by it :p i can be rather dim sometimes, so please forgive me
    Thanks ALOT for your critique tho, Im not quite sure how to do alot of the things, and im starting to think i should do some more flatwork to become more hunter style. Do you think i should go back to smaller jumps to fix my problems? or do you thnk i can work through them jumping bigger and better?
  5. tbjumper127

    tbjumper127 jumpers unite..huah!

    ooh, i didn't mean to sound snippy if i did. *embarrased* i just was like.. making little mental notes kinda. like.. well, your riding a green horse, so therefore.. etc. lol. yes, flatwork is a very important part of hunters..especially for the horse. if you don't know how to fix a lot of the things i said, or what they mean, maybe ask your instructor about them, or see if she points them out.

    i don't think it's quite right for me to judge if you should go back to smaller fences..all riders are different, and different things work for them. i've only been jumping for a little over a year, and am already schooling 3'(showing 2'9"-3' jumpers) and working on finishing off my green horse's training(with a lot of help from my instructor) and i just progressed faster then most people do, and i've been on other horse forums where people called me a liar, etc., and shut their mouths once i gave some pics ;) lol, off topic though.. but yeah. if i were you, i'd school over the smaller fences more, perfecting what you can(leads, lead changes, counting strides, getting distances) and the ride the bigger fences every once in a while to get a feel for them, and find a good position. you may want to get a more well-trained horse to learn to jump on, depends on the horse. i've compeltely 100% learned to jump on my horse, who was very green when i got him, but he's VERY VERY willing and a very honest jumper, therefore now it's no longer really him teaching me, but me teaching him(but i still learn a ton from him along the way :) <3 )
  6. jenb

    jenb New Member

    "Pumping" with the upper body is NOT a trait of dressage riders! It shows stiff hips in the rider, you should be absorbing the movement through your hips, not shoulders. Good dressage riders will appear to be still through the upper body.

    I only had a brief look at the pics, but I agree that you are sitting too early, your bum is back in the saddle before the horse's hind legs have even cleared the fence, as above this can cause the horse to drop it's hind legs on a fence. I wouldn't necessarily go any higher with the jumps until you have corrected your faults over small ones, particularly with a young horse.

    You've done well considering you've only been riding a year, but the great thing about horses is that you never stop learning! I've been riding nineteen years and I love that there are still things I don't know, and ways I can improve my riding that I didn't know about before.
  7. tbjumper127

    tbjumper127 jumpers unite..huah!

    i know, but that's good dressage riders. but the main people i've seen pump with their upper body have been new-er dressage riders, and i guess out of habit i just tend to relate pumping with dressagey people, lol.. but yeah.. sorry if i offendedXD
  8. jenb

    jenb New Member

    You didn't offend me! ;)

    Are you talking about people who actually compete in dressage? I do unaffil regularly and haven't seen any "pumping"! Although if you go to Riding Club dressage, it can be a different story....
  9. LMayhewtx

    LMayhewtx New Member

    Looks fun! I am pretty new to jumping, but I have been learning hunter jumper style, so I can offer one suggestion with that. With the hunter jumper, you ride in two point the whole time. Learning to canter in two-point is kind of like re-learning to canter all over again - at first you won't be able to feel your leads, or like to can use your legs very much, but then you will start to feel balanced. It is a little weird to learn to keep your upper-body still in two-point, but the idea is the same - you let your butt wiggle around and absorb the motion, but keep shoulders and hands still.

    Also, in terms of hand position, for hunters you want to have your hands fairly close together and on top of the horse's neck and low except for when you release over the jump. It looks like your hands are in that position in some of the pics, but in others, your hands seem higher and far apart, which I believe is more typical for showjumping.

    Like I said, I am new to this myself and just offering critique based on what my ri tells me! We previsouly had an instructor with a showjumping bnackground, and now we're doing hunters, so we've all had to make some adjustments to our riding style.
  10. sancho

    sancho New Member

    I think anyone who asks for critique on a forum is brave and sometimes the comments made are not always easy to take on!:)

    However, tbjumper127, I thought your critique was constructive and you also found positive things to say in reply - it was just nice to read! :D

    I wish everyone could be like that :rolleyes::)
  11. Keket

    Keket New Member

    You need to keep your shoulders back. You're rounding your back and slouching. You look like you may be leaning on her neck, but that could be because the pictures are blurry. You're looking down as you're cantering out of the jump. I'd stick with smaller jumps for now until your technique is a little better. Remember, in hunter, it's not the height, it's the style.
  12. anna15

    anna15 anna15

    hi what do you all mean by "pumping" never heard that term before:):confused:
  13. julia gulia

    julia gulia New Member you will be competing next week....I'd stick with pointers from whoever taught you thus far ...they have obviously done a brilliant job with you and have given you the most sought after attribute of any Equestrian.....self confidence. :)
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!
  14. gidget_love

    gidget_love New Member

    Well, i have a video camera and I was looking at it and i got alot of the jumps pretty much perfect. I have alot of time to fix my mistakes because i have been rding so short :p I am getting a surgery soon which is why i cant put my heels down so much, so i lean forwards too much. My horse goes insane compared to everyone else, and i sat back more to get her slowed down, which is why i was leaning back, to slow her down. And my shoulders were relaxed, and i dont think my pumping was too drastic. My hands are low so she isnt too up, which is what my instructor tells me she is, so my hands are lower so she doesnt get up.
    :) I know i have some habits, but they arent too bad, and everything i do for a reason.:Dthanks
  15. KateWooten

    KateWooten New Member

    wow you're good - and great at taking the harsh critiques. The 4 year old is obviously loving his job and you have a beautifully balanced seat. I was just wondering, though in this one ....


    is it me, or does his saddle not quite fit him ?
  16. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    You shouldn't have to lean back to slow a horse I would work on improving her responsiveness to your aids before you worry about anything else ;)
  17. Bobbin

    Bobbin Back in the saddle yeehaa

    I love how confident you are, I always struggled so hard with my nerves and then lost them completly after buying my first horse...a tb x after just 8 months of riding....and that was with 3 lessons a week, at least! Took me ages to get it back, so I admire someone who has such rock steady confidence.

    I don't really have much to critique, I was just wondering why especially if you are on a dressage yard is the horse so hollow and running around with it's head in the air? I would assume that you would have more control if the horse was cantering more rounded with its head in a lower position, and off the forehand. Hense not having to lean back as much so being able to concentrate on your position rather than controlling the horse.

    Good luck for the future and your competitions, it's exciting stuff.
  18. bexj

    bexj New Member

    Are these not the same photos you posted on the thread above, and that was 2 months ago.......
  19. colettybetty

    colettybetty New Member

    I applaud your confidence,you are obviously having fun,so I'm sure you'll continue to progress well,its particularly difficult for you riding such an inexperienced horse.
    He does seem to be running into the jump,a common problem with horses that like to jump.To stop him running onto the forehand and hollowing, keep him guessing by riding a circle before approaching the jump to get that canter balanced and collected and only approach the jump when he is not rushing.Dont do too much once you've set him up,let him take you over and focus on riding neatly away afterwards.
    Good luck with your competition :)
  20. gidget_love

    gidget_love New Member

    to respond to that, the last few pictures are, but the ones on the chestnut mare were just taken a week ago :p.
    i dont know if your computer wont let you see it or not, but i couldnt create another album, i dont know how, so i just put them all together

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