Difference between affiliated and unaffiliated?

Discussion in 'Jumping' started by xxxkristinaxxx, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. xxxkristinaxxx

    xxxkristinaxxx arab_equine

    please could someone explain the differences between affiliated and unaffiliated....

    Thanks x
  2. xxxkristinaxxx

    xxxkristinaxxx arab_equine


    and i am talking about when jumping

    please reply xx
  3. Palomino Mare

    Palomino Mare New Member


    affliliated is when you are a member of the bsja. you basically pay an annual membership fee and there are affiliated sj classes that you work your way up - www.bsja.co.uk may help explain it a bit better as i'm allowing NR to distract me from my essay so my brains a bit fuzzy!oh an dyou win monies as prizes and qualify for big events such as HOYS.

    unaffiliated is obviously for non-members. these will be locally organised shows, agrucultural shows, yard show, RC/PC show's etc where everyone can take part.

    amz x
  4. iloveshearer

    iloveshearer New Member

    Affiliated is just higher level really, and there's more at stake to win!
  5. xxxkristinaxxx

    xxxkristinaxxx arab_equine

    Ok thanks :)

    When i get this new horse i am allowed to do unaffiliated shows with them!

    Cant wait

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