Difference between Pessoa, Mark Todd and Derby House training aids?

Discussion in 'Training of the Horse' started by rachelmy, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. rachelmy

    rachelmy Sit up, heels down!

    Can anyone tell me if there are any major differences between these training aids (apart from price ;) )?

    The only thing I can see from these pics is that the Mark Todd has something that looks like draw reins - I guess these could be elasticated but Frogpool doesn't describe the kit in much detail.

    I need to work on lightening a horse's forehand and getting him in an outline and do NOT want to expose him to any nastiness like draw reins!

    Mark Todd Training System

    Derby House Training System

  2. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    I'm afraid I don't know for sure, although they look like they work on the same principle.

    I use the Pessoa and find it at excellent piece of kit. It doesn't allow a horse to lean and pushes them on from behind. There is no force, just encouragement to go correctly. It does wonders for balance and impusion. Because they work properly though, they work hard. So you need to build up the time slowly, beginning with only 5 minutes each rein with the contact attached (warming up and cooling down with no contact on the mouth) and increasing by a couple of minutes every few times. I personally don't do more than 12 minutes on each rein. Its also a good idea to take care how you introduce it as some horses can have a hissy fit with it at first :rolleyes:
  3. skye06

    skye06 Levi in field

    By the looks of the photos neither the mark todd or derby house have any poll presure. Haven't used any but pessoa and I agree with stella2 I find it great.
  4. rachelmy

    rachelmy Sit up, heels down!

    Thanks Stella2 - is the rein that runs from the bit to the roller solid or is there any elasticity to it? Also this might sound a really stupid question but is it only used with a bit or can you also use it with a lunging cavesson?
  5. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    Its designed to be used with a bit. The attachments to the bit are soft rope which runs over the body. Its not elasticated, but due to the way it runs, it has a lot of give (although not if they put their heads up). It certainly isn't rigid on the mouth - nothing like draw reins.
  6. rachelmy

    rachelmy Sit up, heels down!

    If the Pessoa puts pressure on the poll then that's the one for me, as this horse tends to lean on the bit.

  7. Stella2

    Stella2 New Member

    It doesn't really :confused: Nevertheless, they can't lean :)
  8. Mossy

    Mossy New Member

    It looks to me as though the hors ein the pessoa is being lunged from the bit with the lunge line going over the poll, the pessoa does not touch the poll. The three look much of a muchness to me. All vaccum cleaners are not made by Hoover but we all do the hoovering not the Dysoning ....... :D
  9. rachelmy

    rachelmy Sit up, heels down!

    I think you're right about the lunge line...

    I found a Pessoa "tribute" called the Equibalancer via a seller on eBay (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/DISCOUNT-EQUESTRIAN). If anyone's interested it's advertised at £27 - MUCH less than even the Derby House version and they will even accept offers;). None of them come with a roller apart from DH though.

    A lot of money for some cord and clips if you ask me, but nice work if you can get it!
  10. Ebie Equestrian

    Ebie Equestrian New Member

    They are all the same. The pictures just look a little different as in the picture of the mark todd training aid they have rather than running the rope from the bit back to one of the d-rings on the side of the roller they have ran the rope from the bit downwards and fastened it on the d ring between the front legs.

  11. Lace

    Lace New Member

    The difference? The price tag mainly.

    If you have a look on places like ebay there are very similiar/identical models of the Pessoa without the Pessea price tag - photo's are (probably) examples of such types. Although not sure how much the examples you've shown cost? If you're in the market for a pessoa - ebay is your best friend :)

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