do horses get hiccups?

Discussion in 'General' started by horses4lf, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. horses4lf

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    hey dudes!
    quick question
    do horses get hiccups?
  2. horses4lf

    horses4lf Free-Soal

    Oh and how many chestnuts does a horse have on its body
  3. horses4lf

    horses4lf Free-Soal

  4. horses4lf

    horses4lf Free-Soal

    * Bump!!!!!*
  5. Kate F.

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    Hiccups - yes and no. They can get something called "thumps" - which looks and sounds like human hiccups, but is physiologically different. I think thumps is a spasmodic muscle contraction that gives a twitch and "thump" sound - whereas human hiccups are digestion related. One of my horses gets "thumps" now and again - and it does look and sound incredible like hiccups! It can be caused by electrolyte loss (in horses) and in these cases can be serious - but mild attacks seem to happen for no apparent reason and pass very quickly (with about half an hour) with no apparent discomfort or distress to the horse.

    Most horses have 4 chestnuts - one on each leg - but some breeds, especially Thoroughbreds, Arabs etc (finer horses) often have less.
  6. Silvia

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    Please don't bump your post every couple of minutes. I find it annoying and it won't get you more replies
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    ok thanks for the advise dude!!!! and ok soz bout that I will reamember that next time ;)
  8. Sexy Sietske

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    I have heard nelson hiccup
    thought he was choking at 1st and nearly had a heartattack!! then when i realised what i was i couldn't stop laughing. He hasnt done it since though.
  9. Wally

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    If a mare with a foal looks like she is having an attack of hiccups, it might be milk fever.

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