Don't Cry For The Horses [A moving Poem for our lost friends]

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    Don't Cry for the Horses

    Don't Cry for the horses that life has set free,
    A million horses forever to be,
    Don't cry for the horses now in Gods hands
    as they dance and they prance to a heavenly band,
    they were ours as a gift but never to keep,
    as they close their eyes forever to sleep.

    Their spirits unbound on silver wings they fly
    a million horses against the blue sky,
    look up into heaven, you'll see them above,
    the horses we lost, the horses we loved,
    manes and tails flowing they gallop through time,
    they never were yours, they never were mine,
    don't cry for the horses they will be back someday,
    when our time has come they will show us the way.

    On silver wings they will lift us to the warmth of the sun,
    when our life is over and eternity has begun,
    we will jump the sun and dance over the moon
    a ballet of horses and riders on the winds to a heavenly tune,
    do you hear that soft nicker close to your ear?
    Don't cry for the horses, Love the ones that are here.

    This poem was given to me when I lost my mare Cleo to Grass Sickness.
    It made me cry, but it also brought me comfort, hope it does the same for you.
    We are raising much needed funds for Equine Grass Sickness.
    20 youngsters aged from 3 - 8 years are doing a sponsored fancy dress ride.
    If you would like to sponsor them, and leave a message for your 'lost friend'
    you can do so by going to
    Run Free Cleo, not a days goes by that we don't think about you x
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    Thats lovely cockerponey . Made me cry :(.
  3. cockerpony

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    May 27, 2008
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    Horsecrazy, It makes me cry too.
    After Cleo was PTS I cried buckets, , but I just think that poem is so thought provoking, and I hope that it will bring comfort to all those who have lost a horse/pony
  4. abbydoorulez

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    trust you to put that poem on.... always makes me cry!!

    Love for Cleo... My crazy mare! xx

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