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Discussion in 'Dressage & Classical Training' started by Alexa&Tess, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Alexa&Tess

    Alexa&Tess New Member

    My yard is having a christmas show with DTM. BUt the schedule only says prelim to novice level. What sort of movements would need to be in the test.

    I'd ask YO but she's just had an operation and I dont want to bother her too much :)
  2. NatalieR

    NatalieR RIP Bruno-Love ya foreva

    just basics really with some medium strides shown in each gait normally along long side or diagonals :) and free walk on a long rein
  3. Miss Maximo

    Miss Maximo "Dressage Queen"

    For Freestyle - Prelim - medium walk, working trot, working canter, free walk on a long rein, 20 m circles on left / right rein, changes of the rein.- -i think

    Novice - medium walk, working trot, some medium strides in trot on both reins, working canter, 15 m circle on left /right rein, free walk on a long rein, salute at beg and end of test.

    I know the Novice one is correct as I have just competed in a BD freestyle compeition- these are the elements you must show within the test and will be marked on, but the design (choreography is upto you, so you could include serpentines etc if you wanted)

    Hope that helps
  4. Alexa&Tess

    Alexa&Tess New Member

    Thanks, this is was I was thinking about ( i may have got my AKEHCMBF the wrong way round)

    Enter at C
    Halt at X Trot
    Track left at A
    20m Circle at B
    Change Rein Two half 10 m circles B to E
    H Walk
    M to K free walk on a long rein
    K Walk
    A-F walk to Canter and 20 meter circle
    B walk
    B to E change rein
    H to C walk to Canter
    20m Circle at C
    C Trot
    B Half circle accross the school to E
    C up center line
    Halt at X
  5. Lgd

    Lgd New Member

    There are BD prelim and intro freestyle tests now - you can purchase them on-line from BD and usually arrive next day.

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