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Discussion in 'Other Disciplines' started by Toffee_Monster, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Evening all :biggrin:

    I have just started driving Harry and I would really like to keep him barefoot if possible as he has lovely feet, nicely concave and in good condition.

    However in the 4 months I've owned him he has only had a farrier trim once ad that was when he first arrived here, I've had the farrier roll the edges and check balance etc but he seems to wear his feet as quick as they grow ??

    Is this normal? He isn't sore at all and only ever shows signs of feeling the ground on stoney tracks. Would it be unfair to keep him barefoot as we do more driving on the roads?? Has anyone ever driven in boots ?
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    Our lot manage on an hour a day on smooth tarmac without shoes. Any more and the wear/growth does not keep up with the work.

    You might find too that some driving competitions require the horse to be shod to comply with the rules. (or that used to be the case)

    Never used boots, I would not use them for teams/pairs and tandem, far too much risk of them interfering with each other and pulling them off.
    If you only want to mess about and not drive competitively and he's happy on what you are doing go with what he tells you he's happy with. Our guys mess about at home perfectly happily without shoes.
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    I would keep him barefoot while you can - if you increase the workload gradually, his feet should keep up with the workload (they are slightly delayed as they grow in response to work).

    If he does start to wear them down too much, then boots are fine for driving

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