Driving is safer than riding. Discuss.

Discussion in 'Driving' started by joosie, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. joosie

    joosie Well-Known Member

  2. Rhein

    Rhein New Member


    Why did it take so long to get the other horses out of there??:unsure:
  3. joosie

    joosie Well-Known Member

    Indeed. That would have been my first move.
  4. shaka

    shaka New Member

    I can see why they wouldn't have gotten them out immediately in the first instance - but not the second.

    For a room full of horse professionals, that was an awful situation handled really quite badly.
  5. Gimp

    Gimp Gimpy Gimp Gimp

    room full of idiots
  6. Louby*eko

    Louby*eko New Member

    Gosh that was awful. Not an easy situation to get back under control but Some serious incompetence there and some downright stupidity. Hope the horses were ok.
  7. Wally

    Wally Well-Known Member

    Seen it loads of times, now go out and find the number of riding crashes and driving crashes and compare the number, now ask yourself why I can get insurance to teach carriage driving for a couple of hundred quid and my riding school in surance was thousands.

    Accidents happen in all disciplines, but statistically carriage driving is safer than riding, so long as the basic rules are applied. fly in the face of them and you can make it as dengerous as you want.
  8. Dannii5691

    Dannii5691 Owned by Ponies!

    I have no sympathy for the guy who gets mowed down standing infront of a horse in blinkers that is spooked by the cart that has just bounced round his back end and the harness he is caught up in.

  9. OwnedbyChanter

    OwnedbyChanter With out my boys life would be bland

    I watched that 3 times and made OH watch it. cant comment as never driven. But to be honest some of the worst accidents I have ever seen are not driving or riding but leading!
  10. Wally

    Wally Well-Known Member

    Not an idiot, sometimes it's worth a risk, but not in that situation. I saw a chap stop a runaway team by grabbing one of the leaders from the ground. I don't see what blinkers has to do with the equasion. A runaway horse blinkered or not will still be a runaway horse.

    Sometimes all a runaway horse needs is some input, it might pay off, you might get flattened.
  11. Tomas

    Tomas New Member

    Since it was America I was surprised at how long it took them to attempt to lasso the runaway.

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