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Discussion in 'General' started by goldendryad, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. goldendryad

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    Hi. I have a used Eldonian saddle in awesome condition. It's a beautiful saddle. Eldonian saddles aren't very common in Canada, but does anyone here know about them? They're made by. A. Jeffries. Are they good quality? Is a used one, in mint condition, worth anything? Opinions, info., anything, Please!
  2. Wally

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    Eldonian was bought by Jeffiries ages ago, it's just a name. They also do Eldonian bits, trouble is they are not "made" in England they are made in the east then finished in the UK so they can have the made in UK label on them.

    The saddles were made in the E.Jeffries factory, not a bad make all things considered. I used to make them.....make of that what you will! :D :D ;)

    Hawk Event, Harrier and quite a few other makes are actually made in the E. Jeffries factory.

    you probably have a very well made and finished saddle. If it's in good order it should have kept its value.
  3. goldendryad

    goldendryad New Member

    Thanks! That's great. It's good to know it's worth something...it is in near perfect condition!
  4. virtuallyhorses

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    Eldonian - sounds like a small eastern bloc republic :p
  5. casa3311

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    Eldonian Beaufort Saddle

    I have an Eldonian Beaufort Close Contact Saddle that I bought new from either Libertyville or State Line Saddle Shop in 1980. I rode in it regularly until I got pregnant with my first child in 1983. After that, I rode in it occasionally, but always cleaned and oiled it at least yearly. I just pulled it out and cleaned and oiled it again this afternoon. Apart for 2 places on the pommel where 2 single stitches are pulled and broken, it still looks great and the leather is still as nice and pliable as when I rode every day. No stiff or cracked leather anywhere on it.

    I'm getting serious about riding again. I figure at 50, if I don't start back really soon, I'll never ride again and that would break my heart.

    I'm thinking I need to sell it because it's a 17" seat and I really need an 18" seat. Plus, I need a more secure saddle with knee rolls, a deeper seat, and all that. I'm going to take it to a local shoe/tack repair shop and get his opinion on the shape and see if it needs any repairs (I don't think it does), before hand, but does any one have any idea what this 26 year old saddle would be worth?

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