Equine pedometer?

Discussion in 'Other Disciplines' started by *Sez*, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. *Sez*

    *Sez* Salsa & Solstice Twilight

    Does anyone know if you can get a pedometer for riding? I have no idea how long some of the routes I ride are, and would be really interested to find out.
  2. bevy

    bevy New Member

    I don't know if there is an equine one. There is a canine one but it isn't very successful. We used it on a retriever and even though she ran at least a kilometre(the basic track is 1km and she was running back and forth) it only registered 365 paces which equated to 219m!! So I don't know even if they made one that it would work any better.
  3. Ginger Thing

    Ginger Thing New Member

  4. *Sez*

    *Sez* Salsa & Solstice Twilight

    Argh! How do I use it? :eek:

    OMG... I broke it... and I'm so confused!

    Oooh, hybrid option... I think that might be my pony in the field! :D

    Can I please have an idiots-guide as to what I need to do with all these buttons? :eek:
  5. *Sez*

    *Sez* Salsa & Solstice Twilight

    I think I've figured it out :D

    **Click-Click** **Click-Click**
  6. Yann

    Yann Guest

    How brill is that site! :D Thanks GT :) We did 12 miles yesterday, all up and down:cool:
  7. hmoses

    hmoses New Member

    Looks good but I really can't work out how it works:confused: HELP?:rolleyes:
  8. Sarah_Sayers

    Sarah_Sayers New Member

    Go on ebay and search for a garmin forerunner 101. Mine cost £40. It's a gps, designed for joggers, but I use mine when riding. Not only does it tell you your miles exactly, it tells you your current, and maximum speed too! They're great fun.
  9. Ginger Thing

    Ginger Thing New Member

    Good isn't it? :D Someone recommended it on here a few months ago.

    hmoses - type in the name or postcode of the place you want, then zoom in to where you want to start (same as on any of the map sites), Then click on 'start recording' double click on your starting point on the map, then go to next point and double click again - it adds up the distance as you go along. It only works in straight lines though, so you have to do lots of little lines!
  10. Bob's mum

    Bob's mum New Member

    Thumbs up for the Forerunner, my is a godsend, especially on the pleasure endurance rides to make sure you're within the time frames !:)
  11. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    I like that website to:D

    I also have a Garmin 305 which is brill, it does speed, distance and heart rate for me. A little more expensive at around £200 though
  12. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    What a great idea - I have a Garmin handheld GPS for our boat, never thought of using it riding because it doesnt have maps (have to plot your own waypoints from a chart). But it would do my distance and speed - **** I wish I had taken it on holiday - we covered some milage!
  13. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    i used to use a gps for hiking, but now my mobile has one fitted, i usually adjust it to running. it keeps up then and gives me speed and distance all approx.:)
  14. Skib

    Skib New Member

    Thanks GH that is a brilliant site
    But I too had problems getting to the UK, even after reading the FAQ.

    The instructions say one has to click on Other options to search places in the UK.

    If you do that you get a very similar screen.
    If you then use the drop down menu to choose the area UK, or type in a UK place straight away, the search engine seems not to work.

    I got it to work at the third time of trying by typing UK into the big left hand field and then clicking Go.

    Once you find your local riding area, choosing the satellite view reveals the tiny tracks and footpaths which we ride on in summer but which don't show up as paths on an all seasons ordnance survey map. Totally brilliant.
    I can now plot the length of all my favourite rides and reassure temp summer escorts that there is time to go round within the alloted hour.

    I'm grateful too for the gps info - as I missed it last time.
  15. hmoses

    hmoses New Member

    Wow, cracked it.:) Thanks ginger thing, how cool is that? I've used google earth but the satellite/hybrid view of my stables is much more recent on that site. Will be looking into the garmin thing too. Brilliant, thanks again:)
  16. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon New Member

  17. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    accurancy isn't the problem, what a performance setting it up.
    i just switch on my phone click count and off we go, it's fairly accurate and does speed and distance based on the road signs we are not far off.
  18. teebee

    teebee Internet expert...lol

    Hi agree totally, the forerunner is a really good item to have. You can plot where you are going, where you have been etc, speed/distance etc..combined with an ordanance survey map and compass for back up, should the forerunner die.. they are an essential bit of equipment.

    Are you allowed to use such equipment in an endurance ride?????? or is such technology against the rules?

  19. Jackblack

    Jackblack New Member

    ok because i live in the middle of no where it doesnt work for me, not fair
  20. hmoses

    hmoses New Member

    Why doesn't it work?

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