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  1. Wez

    Wez New Member

    Does anyone know what happens to Police Horses after they retire? At what age do they retire and do they make good pleasure horses?
  2. Sooty

    Sooty Active Member

    Don't know the details but I believe there are enormous great waiting lists for them - they're like gold dust!
  3. I'm not sure on the details either, but they should make excellent pleasure horses. Being trained around all sorts of noises and situations.
  4. Pink's lady

    Pink's lady Banned

    There's a huge waiting list for them BUT there is a reason they got kicked out of the forse - usually things like bad to shoe, refuses to stand still, bad backs etc. When they retire, they are fully retired and go out to grass. They're usually 20+ when retired.

    I know a girl who has an ex-police horse - he was a real pain to shoe and the police decided he wasn't worth the hassle. He's fatastic in everyway except they still have to get him sedated for the farrier.
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  5. Rojeth

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    from what ive picked up from the news etc, they dont get sold on. Most go to retirement centres funded by the police or to private retirement centres where they get ridden often and generally live the good life.

    They are not sold to the private sector because the officers want to ensure the horses have a good life and are not mistreated in any way after they have given over a decade of service.
  6. horsey1

    horsey1 New Member

    I know someone with one, he went to the Ilph and his policerider got him on perm loan, But his legs are knacked, he has spavins in both front legs due to trotting on hard roads and he is quite young too :) she says he can be very spooky around hedges as not used to anything like that ;)
    My instructor was in the mounted section too and she hopes to loan the one she had :D
  7. chickflick1066

    chickflick1066 New Member

    Don't a large amount go to 'The Home of Rest for Horses' to retire?
  8. jacxXx

    jacxXx horse rebelion

    police horses

    i was looking into how to join the mounted police force, found this link.
    curently there is a huge waiting list for people wanting to rehome them, i think they need a very capable rider but should with the right person make a wonderfull plesure horse
  9. Zingy

    Zingy New Member

    Some are definitely worth rehoming - they're not all past it! There used to be one on a yard I was on - she'd got too big for them :eek: and they decided to sell! Mind you, she was over 18hh or something ridiculous :D Great to box, shoe, clip, hack etc but could get very strong. I do think they're few and far between though, so good luck searching :)
  10. Captain Equidan

    Captain Equidan New Member

    "At the end of the Police Horses working life the animal is re-homed at one of many identified establishments who have previously contacted the Mounted Branch with a view to offering a home. "

    They are generally retired as they are used until the age of 20+.
  11. Brandy

    Brandy Breeze, Lady, Billy

    We had one at college - PC Buster! I think he'd been given the boot because he wouldn't stand still in a crowd situation. He was enormous!
  12. Perfect Pony

    Perfect Pony New Member

    oooo ooo i know the answer to this, riding instructors friend is in police force and when i was thinking about it i asked him to get me some info!!! The police horses when they retire get offered to the police man who has been riding and looking after it and if they decide to take them on then fair enough, if not they are either PTS or retired to one of the retirement homes, it is not very often they are sold on!!!
    Think most are PTS tho!!!

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