EZ Fit Treeless Saddle FOR SALE

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    I have decided to part with my favourite saddle! :( Unfortunately it is a little too long for the horse it was bought for (who appears to be short-wheel base!), and although it fits the others just fine it wasn't bought for them and they have perfectly good saddles.


    For sale, medium size custom hand-made made EZ Fit Treeless, fitted with western fenders and a pale blue ostrich leather seat. Tan leather pommel and fenders, 'sassy brown' leather seat jockey. Grippy non-slip underside material on the underside of the saddle. Ridden in a few times on a few different horses and was incredibly comfortable for all of us. Very adjustable, the seat can be adjusted to fit different riders, the girth can be moved to get the best fit for different horses and the pommel is a flexible foam covered with leather so it moulds to fit different width horses too. Looks brand new still as has been stored indoors and cleaned regularly.

    I will be sad to see it go but we are getting married in July and it's too good a saddle to sit there for another 2 years whilst the other horse it fitted is out of work having a baby. Is the only one of these saddles in the UK!

    Bargain at £875. Can email photos on request.

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