First fall off Rusty - and I'm OK!

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by tbaynancy, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. tbaynancy

    tbaynancy Active Member

    ... well, except for a broken finger (I'm certainly getting my money's worth from the health service for all the taxes I paid this year!). Most importantly - my confidence is maybe even better than ever. I rode, I fell off, and I'm OK, and Rusty's OK - the "worst" didn't happen.

    This morning I did some leading around over some little obstacles I made in the arena and then hopped on for a bit of walk/trot. Two ladies I know came in to say they were going out on a trail ride (hack to you folks) and invited me along. They know I'm nervous and said they wouldn't canter - so, didn't blither on about it, I just said yes! Got my body protector on and off we went.

    Didn't start out too badly - we went in the back. Came to a little mostly dried up stream that Rusty didn't want to cross, but we did it - thanks to encouragement from Trudy & Pat. After that, he was a bit "on his toes" - in hindsight, Trudy said we should have switched horses then. I was feeling quite proud of myself (and we all know what pride goes before!) and mentally composing a happy hacking post for NR, when we circled back to the stream.

    Trudy said I sat the first buck very well :redface:

    All I remember is thinking I better get my other foot out of the stirrup (had already lost one). Did fall in some nice soft mud. Rusty stood a few feet away, unhurt and allowed Trudy to catch him. We all walked back.

    Noticed my middle left finger was quite sore. By the time I finished grooming Rusty and settling him in, it was purple. Thought I'd better go to ER just in case - after a lovely 3 1/2 hour wait - it's broken. Not badly, more a bone chip caused by ligament tear. It's in a splint and not too sore right now.

    Surprisingly enough, they agreed to take me out again when I'm ready.
  2. Flipo's Mum

    Flipo's Mum Heavy owner of a Heavy

    OMG mrs, I'm renaming you - an accident looking for a place to happen! I'm so glad you're ok, so proud of you for just getting on a going for a hack, and rusty for not running off after you fell! I think we all have to fall at some point, to realise that it's not always that bad lol!

    Is your hubby considering wrapping you up in cotton wool yet?! I'm loving your attitude though. It's all about perception and taking the good things from the situation rather than the bad! Onwards and upwards!!
  3. tbaynancy

    tbaynancy Active Member

    FM - I just hope hubby's not secretly upping my life insurance and picking out the next missus!!
  4. Horsekisses

    Horsekisses New Member


    So glad that you are ok. My solid trail horse that I thought would never buck, bucked with me a month ago. I got back on and rode back to camp but haven't gotten back on since. I was glad I stayed on for the bucking, baled when he started falling. Since then the weather been bad and other stuff has given he too much time to think. So if you can don't wait too long to get back on.
  5. bitsnpieces

    bitsnpieces Active Member

    well done you for getting out there hacking! Agree with FM that sometimes you have to fall and realise it isn't too bad to stop being scared of falling.

    How do you feel about going out again?
  6. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    I'm impressed with the way you've dealt with it, I remember the first time I fell off I felt a kind of 'relief' that now I knew what it felt like I wouldn't fear it as much next time! Well done for staying calm and composed!

    Hope that finger heals quickly for you :)
  7. Jane&Ziggy

    Jane&Ziggy Learning together!

    You sound great under the circumstances. Fingers eh, they are so fragile! I rebroke a previously broken digit when Ziggy bucked me off earlier this year. They take a while to heal alas :cry:

    Well done well done for getting back on and staying cool. It sounds as though you are making real progress.
  8. nat17

    nat17 Minnie, Sam and Dolly

    i am very proud of you for saying that you would go on a trail ride in the first place nancy, flippin were really brave as you have not been riding much recently with your foot and then you when back to basics with rusty.

    I know what you mean about 'your ok' as when i fell off sam it did me good as i realsied it was not going to kill me, and it was not that bad.

    I do hope you can get back on quickly too reaffirm your confidence, well done for going out, and i hope your finger feels better soon:smile:

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