First lead rein class *Advice needed*

Discussion in 'Showing' started by Bays_R_Best, Jul 2, 2009.

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    Right on Sunday my daughter is doing her first lead rein class at the ripe old age of 8!! I know its a little it old for lead rein, but she only started riding last year, and only regularly in the last couple of months, and as this is her first time in a show ring, I thought this class would be appropriate. It also states age 10 and under on the class rules, so all good:)

    I do need a bit of advice though. I have done a fair bit of showing over the years, so know what to do in the show ring etc, but I have never done a lead rien class. As I am alo showing that day,I won't be able to wear a 'lead rein out fit', infact, one of my classes is the class ahead of hers, in the same ring:eek: so I will barely have time to get her on her pony, let alone get changed! LOL. She will be wearing her Navy show jacket, hat and jod boots. Although I am wearing a hacking jacket for my classes, I also have a navy show jacket and hat. Do you think it will look smarter if I just quickly got changed into this?? And do you think that the judges will understand?

    I was also wondering, where abouts on the noseband do you attach the lead rein, and do you change sides when you change the rein, so you stay on the outside of the pony?

    Also in a lead rein class, what are the judges looking for. I am assuming that they don't want to see me draging the pony around, but want to see my daughter getting her to work, and me just being on the end of the lead rein for security? My daughter is not a bad little rider, and can walk, trot and canter (holding on to the saddle) off the lead rein on her own, she knows what her trot diagonals are ect, but she is really lacking in confidence, am I being a bit of a fraud putting her in a lead rein class for her very first show??

    Chocolate icecream if you got this far, and Thankyou in advance for your help:D
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    hiya i know absolutely nothing about showing, but i would have thought that all sounds fine. if you get chance to change then great, but definitely at local shows around here it wouldnt matter if you didnt get chance. i dont know anything about the lead rein questions either, but your daughter is only 8 and they allow lead rein up to 10 so she'll be fine! good luck, sorry i cant actually give you any answers!
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    At local level it won't matter what you are wearing (as long as you are smart, of course) so the judge will understand.

    We just attach the lead rein in the middle of the noseband underneath, don't think it really matters as long as it's underneath somewhere. Don't change sides when you change the rein, but when the child comes to do her salute, make sure you are on the outside so the judge can see her.

    Yes, you're right about what they are looking for - in older children they want to see a child who can ride, but just need that little bit of extra security (ie you!), so try to stay at the pony's shoulder when you run and although you don't want to look like you are lunging the pony, stay a reasonable distance away from it so you are independant. I think its a really good idea to introduce her to the showring in a lead rein class, she'll be able to show the pony off and her riding off but will have you there to give her some confidence and words o encouragement on the way round.
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    Thanks Mooanne for your encouragement, and to Showbusiness for the tips and advice.

    I feel much better about it now:)

    Altough it is a local level show it is a qualifier for the Amateur showing society,who hold their qualifier finals at Arena UK in August.

    My Friend (who also happens to own my loan pony) qualifed last month with her Arab, if we do well (fingers crossed) at this show, maybe we will go?

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