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Discussion in 'New Riders' started by Evelyn, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Evelyn

    Evelyn Why is this title so shor

    I had my first lesson two days ago, on Sunday.

    My instructor is really lovely, and the horse I rode is called Toby (short for Toblerone), and couldn't tell you at all what breed it was. It was white with some tiny specks of greyish through it.

    We started off walking, and switching reins. Then we did 20m and 10m circles. We then did rising trot for a bit, and 20 and 10 m circles whilst trotting.

    Then we walked for a bit, along a little lane, to cool down the horse's muscles and things, whilst two ponies in a field we passed tormented poor Toby. Mean things.

    All in all it was a lovely lesson, and I absolutely can't wait to go again this Sunday.

    Also, Does anyone in the Belfast/Lisburn/Carryduff area know of a good place to get riding boots ( and possibly a hat)

    What did anyone else do on their first lesson?

  2. kelsey

    kelsey New Member

    My first lesson was so far back in the mists of time that it should be featured on the history channel....

    I do remember spending many weeks on the lunge line, though. Oddly enough, I enjoyed it.
  3. T-bred

    T-bred Caesar's Legion

    It sounds like you had a really good lesson!:) All that I can remember of my first lesson was that I was on the lunge line as well. Good luck with your upcoming lesson!!:D

  4. Scarlett 001

    Scarlett 001 New Member

    Great to hear!

    My very first lesson was a bit of walk and trot. No lunge work at that school. But when I started with my new instructor a few months ago, we did lunge work. Lots of it. Really good for my riding - I am a big fan of lunge work now.
  5. katieB

    katieB New Member

    Sounds like a great lesson!
    My first lesson was for a friends birthday, we didnt do much, probably just walked in and out of cones and did some exercises, I was really impressed because they put me on a horse with the same name as me :D
  6. notverygood

    notverygood New Member

    Hi, Evelyn,

    Tobs is an Appalloso, hope that's spelt right, he's 15.2 and very good at jumping, the 2 ponies in the field are welsh sec A's and until a week ago where stallions, was Lynne your instructor.

  7. luv2jump2!!!

    luv2jump2!!! stolen by Kalypso!

    Sounds really good :) Well done!

    My first lesson.. lets see.. I *Think* it was walking and trotting on a short hack. Me and my sister went back the next day we enjoyed it that much - learn't more that first week (mucking out, leading RDA kids!) Than i ever have!!
  8. clurly_wurly

    clurly_wurly New Member

    Hi Evelyn! I take it you came to Lessans then? Toby is a great horse! The two ponies in the field still havent quite got used to not being stallions anymore!

    As for boots and a helmet, there is a saddlery just before the traffic lights as you go into Saintfield called Hocks n Hooves, though it is a little expensive and doesnt have very much stock. There is a saddlery in Newtownards called McCully's (just opposite the big yellow pub which i think is called the Whiskey Haw) which i go to for my boots. The lady in the shop is very nice and helpful, and finds you the least expensive boots to try first!
    There is also a very good tack shop near Tyrella called the Holmestead which has a bargain basement :D and is usually better to visit if you need things such as a body protector, because they have a big range of things and let you try them all on to see what fits best (they ordered me one that was specially made with a shorter back, at no extra cost). Its a really good shop just to browse round.

    If you look in the yellow pages under saddleries you should find some, but I would reccommend McCully's or the Holmestead (but it would be a bit far to travel just for boots and a helmet).

    Enjoy your next lesson,
    Claire :)
  9. kgj66

    kgj66 New Member

    Hey Evelyn! I was there on Sunday, i think i saw you. Where you having a private lesson?
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  10. MagicRidge

    MagicRidge Monty's Mum

    Evelyn congrats! It sounds like you had a wonderful lesson!

    Me I was about 6 when i had my first lesson I was bouncing away on the trot like a little stiff board, lol.

    Toby sound wonderful! What a cutie
  11. madge

    madge New Member

    new website for lessans riding club

    Just thought you might be interested to know that Lessans Riding Club has a new website -

    The website is just up and not all the links are active yet as more pages will be loaded on in the next couple of weeks.

    Anyone interested in becoming a member of the riding club will be able to use the website links soon or ask about joining when you come for a lesson.

    Any comments appreciated.

  12. clurly_wurly

    clurly_wurly New Member

    The new site looks great! I was wondering when it would be up and running again. The only thing I would say is missing are some photos, but maybe you havent got round to that yet :)
    Well done!

    P.s. Evelyn, maybe you should think of joining the riding club if you are going to keep riding, its really good!

  13. madge

    madge New Member


    Thanks for the comments so far - I will be wandering around with my camera in the next couple of weeks and hopefully some members will be able to send pictures in for the website and we'll add more pages as the year progresses. :D
  14. Evelyn

    Evelyn Why is this title so shor

    Thanks a lot for replying, and I'd like to ask a question, which will probably be laughable, but what's a lunge line??

    kgj66: I was having a private lesson, at 3pm?

    notverygood: Sarah was my instructor

  15. clurly_wurly

    clurly_wurly New Member

    Your question isnt laughable, especially as you have only had one riding lesson. ;)
    A lunge line is like a long rope which is attached to the horse's bridle. Someone then stands in the centre, holding the lunge line and the horse moves in a circle around them at walk, trot, canter etc and therefore the horse is being lunged. Sorry its not really a very good description, but its the simplest way i can think of putting it. I found a pic showing a horse being lunged (it can be done with a rider on board too), hope it works!
  16. kgj66

    kgj66 New Member

    hey! then i did see you!

    do you remember passing two horses on the lane, one was brown and white(skewbald) and one was blue roan and white? i was on the skewbald one!

    kate xx
  17. TanyaHorses

    TanyaHorses New Member

    Hii =) Your lesson seemed Fun
    im From Northern ireland the Lisburn area =D
    Where did You frist Take your lesson?

    i First ever rode a horse 9months ago at limePark Equestrain
    my lesson was Boring but im glad we didnt do anything barely as i couldent even do a rising trot haha
    it was my first time in my life riding a horse
    and all we done was walk,trot thats it
    it was only a half an hours lesson =)
    oh and im 14 By The way
    i left limePark about 4 months ago and now im moving riding school again haha x
  18. TanyaHorses

    TanyaHorses New Member

    Lessans Riding School

    ii Heard You go 2 Lessans Stables?
    is it any good?:confused:
    Im thinking of Getting a lesson there On Sunday:):)
    i have never been before
    But im Not sure yet:/
    what are the horses like ?:D
  19. twigs

    twigs New Member

    oh my I didnt realise there were so many NI folk!!!
    I rode at lessans a few times yrs ago, but have been going to birr house since august but going to the burn next week to see what its like, I dont drive or else Id go to lessans
    TY for posting the new link to the website...
    re. mccullys, I got my hat there but they didnt have a huge selection, all I could get was a skull type or a velvet peaked!
    theres a tack shop nr the burn appartently thatys supposed to be quite reasonable:)
  20. .denz

    .denz New Member

    congrats!! It's so exciting.
    My first lesson was on the lunge, to see what I could do. We just walked around and then clipped the lunge on and trotted on the lunge line =) figuring it all out.

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