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    omg!:eek: my girl and I had our first ODE on sunday! it was so awsome!!1:D
    we did intro (65cm max lol). IT was her first real outing, and she did so well.
    shes was an angel in the dressage test, shes not too fond of flat work, gets bored easily. it was her first ever test and she rocked! we got 29% ( total score was 96/160) shes didnt really like the car where the judges were at c, but got over it, theres alot we need to improve on but it was so cool.
    Then came th jumping. shes usually really slow when we go out, so i fed her up on crushed oats the night before, shes wasnt racy but was a bit more forward moving that normal which was nice. lol
    I hadnt had a chance to look at the course so i stopped her and was quickly memorising it when she started REARING!:eek: i think it was because she was in a small space and there was alot of people, but my friends mum grabbed her and lead her into the warm up ring, thanks god i though she was gona kill someone! (my imagination gets away with me sometimes!)
    anyway, it was our turn and the first jump was right nest to the clubhouse where the judges were, she didnt even look at the jump but shied away from the people, but i wlked her back towards the jump and we were off and had a clear round, she only hesitated once, what a GOOD GIRL! and just for the heck of it she put in a rear at the end. :rolleyes:
    I went up and checked the xc course, and to my complete shock we were coming 3rd=!!!
    but sadly we got eliminated in the xc!
    so anyway in the xc, we were headed towardds the first jump, and like 10m away she stopped, not staring at the jump of course, but a the rather larger crowd beside it. :p she started freaking out, and did some rears and rather spectacualr bucks, and we refuses twice then i dont know how but i suddenly found myself hanging onto the side of her, i was stuck like thatb for a while until i finally manages to pull myself back on (exactly like that eventers rule vi on youthube), then i pulled her round and we went over the jump! xD
    next was the sunken rd, jump down 1 stride jump up, she topeed but then went forward (still counted as a refusal) then some tyres (refused twice) and a small spar (refused once) all the time she was staring at the judges.
    then a few other jumps and then the dreaded number 14 (through some water xD) there was 3 of us stuck there, we all tried like 3 times until akila lead us through! O YEA! the we had 3 jumps and then the finish, and one of them was a ski ramp, which she did first time! YUSSS!
    Shes only 5, and she did so well, i got her in about april this year and taught her to jump myself, and she just did so well, im so prud of my gawjus baby!
    So for those of you that have made it this far into my rant, some piccies!:D

    Me and Akila before the jumping.

    Before the x-country

    Right before our dressage test

    And in the last part of the xc, were the ones in front

    sorry the photos arent that great, am waiting to upload the vids onto youtube.

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