First ride today - nervous as hell!

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by Auqeam, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    I'm riding my new share hoss today and i'm sooo nervous:(

    I'll usually be riding with my OH on the ground for moral support but he called to say he'd be late and that he'd meet me there later, so I will go up and get him ready and tacked up etc by myself but i'm beginning to feel worried, GAH I hate this feeling!!
    Just wish I could relax and stop being so silly :(:rolleyes:
    He's a great boy and his owner has reassured me, plus he gets ridden by young kids and has never done anything as long as she's had him (about 5 years) as his 'spook' is just to stop and look at it.. doesn't make me feel less tense though! I think it's knowing she'll not be there in case I need her but I want to do this by myself anyway! arghh :eek::(

    Sorry for the pointless thread, just wanted to get it off my chest
  2. Jane&Ziggy

    Jane&Ziggy Learning together!

    Awwww. I am sure you will have a great time. Let us know how it went!
  3. Flipo's Mum

    Flipo's Mum Heavy owner of a Heavy

    I am very familiar with this feeling and its awful! You know you will enjoy yourself yet it still creeps in. Rest assured that the more you do it, the less horrible it will feel - focus on that and get determined to beat it! Hope you have a lovely time and remember to report back!
  4. Claire1605

    Claire1605 Active Member

    Not pointless at all.

    I moved my 3 horses today (which I have at home and have owned for 4 years) to a new paddock today. A lot bigger and more grass than the other paddocks and is situated that if they got away from me for any reason they would easily be across the field and out onto the A414!

    Well I was nervous as hell and they knew it.

    I worry that if they play up on the way and do get away from me well as already said.

    See you still get nervous even with your own horses and no one else watching :wink: Luckily it went OK. Victory just went looney once he was in the paddock.

    Hope you got on OK. Please let us know how it went.
  5. Jane&Ziggy

    Jane&Ziggy Learning together!

    Oh and by the way, whenever I go across to tack Ziggy up I have butterflies. Big flappy fluttery ones, all over my middle. Every single time.
  6. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    aww guys thanks so much for your replies, made me feel a bit less alone in this feeling!
    Well, I went and I had the most amazing time!

    Started out a bit rubbish as he didn't want to let me put headcollar on, but we got there eventually. Then OH turned up and we groomed etc but needed to ask the owner a question, bless her, she is so lovely that she left work and came up to make sure we were ok and offered to show me how to lunge! First time i've ever done it, it's so enjoyable! He really listened to my voice and I had him W/T/C on both reins (if that's the correct term with lungeing?), then his owner showed us him jumping from the lunge, she said we were welcome to lunge him if we were feeling unsure as it would let us see what kind of mood he's in (though she said he loves it anyway and is never naughty).

    So, after that I rode first and had a walk round, followed by some rather pants trotting to begin with as i'm still learning to 'be stronger' with him and get him listening and not slowing back to walk, she talked me through doing transitions which we did well, just walk then trot then walk then stand etc, and after a while he was much better and I kept his trot going for much longer. I was sooo pleased!

    Then my OH rode, he did some transitions as well and had him trotting nicely, even round the tight corner/narrow bit at the end of the field. He's such a natural it's almost annoying :rolleyes::D

    Anyway, sorry for the long post just had to share! I'm so lucky and grateful to have found such a nice gentle ride, (not to mention lovely owner!) he is very forgiving to have a couple of novices like us learning on him :):eek:

    Have attached couple of pics, sorry they're a bit rubbish as were taken on my phone. (OH is wearing his work clothes rather embarrassingly, time to get him some jodhs I think!) please be gentle :eek:

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  7. Flipo's Mum

    Flipo's Mum Heavy owner of a Heavy

    Awh well done - your owner wifey sounds really lovely, so helpful. It will get easier and easier the more you do it - I'm living proof - two months ago I was about being sick with worry all day thinking about riding, now I only get worried for about two minutes before hand. Huge improvement and I'll keep working on it!
  8. Auqeam

    Auqeam New Member

    that's great news flipos mum, keep at it and keep us posted, I get inspired by all the help on here. It's can be the most rewarding and the most nerve-wracking pastime! x

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