Flooring + bedding for a mobile field shelter?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sarah-B, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Sarah-B

    Sarah-B New Member

    Well, we couldn't start the week without a field shelter question from me, could we?!! :rolleyes: :p

    I've been thinking about what to use to stop the area where my field shelter is going to be turning into a mud bath. From what I understand it's not the internal floor that'll be a problem but the area outside, do you think bark chippings would be any good? What do you use?

    Also, do you put bedding inside your shelters? What sort?
  2. KarinUS

    KarinUS Active Member

    Sorry I won't be much help. We live in a sandy area so our drainage is excellent (when it actually does rain). Could you use sand around the outside?
    I've also seen these rubber grid/honeycomb things that looked rather intriguing.
  3. arabianbaby

    arabianbaby New Member

    mine all have a crusher dust base. then inside i have hogfuel topped with shavings. outside i have hogfuel but have learned the hard way and next year will use crusher dust outside, with separate areas for lying down, rolling that are a bit away from the entrance.
    hope that helps.
  4. artemis

    artemis New Member

    I use hogging. I tried bark chippings in one area once, but it just turned to mush.
  5. Sarah-B

    Sarah-B New Member

    Sorry to be dozy, but what's hooging and where can I get it from? :confused: :rolleyes:
  6. chickflick1066

    chickflick1066 New Member

    Bark chippings would be okay, if they are topped up regularly.
  7. angelfben

    angelfben New Member

    Mine sits on paving and is bedded down with about 2 feet of shavings inside. I find because they're in and out of there all the time I actually very rarely have to muck out if at all so it's quite economical. I would also consider bedding down with straw as it would be cheaper, I only used shavings at that is what I have in my stables so I already had them to hand. I found mine did get very muddy outside so I paved about 6 feet or so in front of the entrance, not always the easiest option but it stood the test of time :)
  8. Jessey

    Jessey Well-Known Member

    My friend concreted in front of hers, not sticktly allowed to but no-one can see it unless they come right into her property :p

    We had a problem at an old yard we rented, we used 'Type 1' which is the chunky stones they use for road surfaces (road planings (chips of old road surface) would also work) as we just dug about 6" down and dumped it in.
    The more you use it the more compact it gets and more stable, but also in the spring the grass shoots up through it so it doesn't look ugly all the while (and no one knows its there :D)
  9. laz

    laz Member

    I used bark chippings but they disappeared. I then got some type 1 and laid some rubber mats on the top this has worked great.
  10. Laura+Phantom

    Laura+Phantom New Member

    I thought about putting Fieldguard mats in my field shelter, you can lay them straight on top of soil..you can get plain ones or holey ones that allow the grass through.


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