Fun drive in the snow this morning :)

Discussion in 'Driving' started by Toffee_Monster, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Toffee_Monster

    Toffee_Monster New Member

    This morning the snow was lovely and soft. Harry and I are both a bit fed up with lunging and the horsewalker so i decided we'd go for a pootle in the school (he is barefoot)

    It was lovely, Harry was full of energy and great fun but worked into the contact for the first time. We had great fun

    Heres a photo from the carriage

    And a cute headshot
  2. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    Oh wow. That looks amazing. I really do think that one day I'll learn to drive, especially when I see pics like these.
  3. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Brilliant! Lovely pics and what joy said, one day....I quite fancy the idea of carriage driving, but have yet to master the art of having control from the saddle!lol.
    Lovely horse too btw.
  4. Jane&Ziggy

    Jane&Ziggy Learning together!

    Can't see the pictures! :cry:
  5. Toffee_Monster

    Toffee_Monster New Member

    Oh no Jane, not sure why :(
    It really is good fun, I am not a confident rider but driving I am so much more relaxed and happy, although I do have trust in my pony.

    He's only been broken in for 3 weeks and I'm sure it's not a bad thing to expose him to lots of different situations (snow being one of them) :)
    He's doing brilliantly and I am very I proud of him
  6. Jane&Ziggy

    Jane&Ziggy Learning together!

    Can see them now! Yay!

    You need a sleigh and sleigh bells :biggrin:

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