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    I am currently teaching a couple of girls practicing for there GCSE PE but to my amazement the school cannot provide a criteria of what needs to be shown in the video. The school was not happy about them doing it in the first place, but they won the school over and now practicing hard.

    Has anyone done this? Or no of a criteria they need to meet or what needs to be included in the video
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    Have PM'd you with contact

    ZAULTAG Essex Horse Sales

    sorry just messaged you back pleading ignorance! I understand now I have seen your post. Thanks, I was thining more along the lines of looking at some videos if anyone has any?
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    Depends on the syllabus/exam board they are following. Someone able to give a professional opinion must watch them ride and assess them , the video is only for use by the external moderator if required.

    The Board we use has a mark scale from 1-10, 1 being basically able to mount/walk trot 10 being at the equivalent of BHS Stage 3(BHSAI) level riding.

    I usually aim our RS riders at an 8, well thought out flatwork in open order showing a sound knowledge of school figures and having horse forward into the hand although not necessarily 'on the bit' or (what ever other version you want), a bit like a weaker Stage 2 candidate. Jump a single 2'6" jump in a souund position.

    Don't get too ambitious, the individual sports marks form a very small percentage of the total, just go for a good performance at the level they normally work.

    The school will have a copy of the syllabus they are following, get one of the girls parents to ask
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    ZAULTAG Essex Horse Sales

    Thanks for that Em, although my query is that the school cannot provide one which I have found a little worrying
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    ask sunshine-x or crazyhorse97 they did their PE GCSE last year and should be able to help:)
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    I'm helping my friend with this tonight. Her criteria is as eml said. to get top mark in jumping she needs to jump a 2ft9 cross country course or 3ft show jumping. i think my friends going to aim for 2ft3 - 2ft6. for top marks in her dressage she would have to do a test with quarter pirouettes (sp?), turn on the forehand, etc.

    ZAULTAG Essex Horse Sales

    I did download that criteria from the internet and couldnt belive they would be expected to do it
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    My daughter did this in 2008. I remember the fun we had doing the video - remember to show all the EASY stuff as well as to get all the marks you have to show leading in hand, tacking up, mounting etc. We then filmed her riding on the flat and over a course of VERY rickety "showjumps" but our piece de resistance was filming a pony club cross country schooling session. After I cut out the bit where the pony weed just as she was demonstrating putting the headcollar on and she collapsed into fits of laughter, the bad language on the bits that wouldn't come right and the bit where she fell off cross country we had a great video, with the cross country bit set to music even .. it took me HOURS to work out how to edit it but we were really pleased with it in the end. She isn't a brilliant rider, about Pony Club C and quite nervous cross country but she ended up getting full marks for this part of the GCSE. . Make sure you work through the criteria so you cover everything you can - I don't think we really needed to do flatwork, showjumps and the cross country but as our showjumping bit was a bit limited I think it made all the difference doing the cross country as well. Good luck and have fun with it.
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    Whats even more mind boggling is that in this neck of the woods, teachers from the school have come out and marked people I have sort of prepared. TOTALLY NON HORSEY!! They come in and tell me how fab they looked and that they are going to give a 10 or (along those lines), becasue she did one yesterday and gave and 8 but this girl was much better!!!!!!!!!! They have absolutley NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Also, forgot to say, the jumps she did were actually quite small, 2 foot 3 to 2 foot 6 probably with the odd bigger one on the cross country, but she was riding a 14.1 pony not a 16 hand horse, so I suppose the size of the jumps should be relative.
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    i did mine last year and got 10/10 :D:D

    i had to do a 3'3 sj course in good style with a variety of fences (oxer, stile, upright, double)
    also had to do quarter pirouttes in walk, shoulder in and leg yield.
    i had to walk trot canter without stirrups maintaining good position and not interfering with the freedom of the horses movement
    show i could ride the horse in an outline and collect and extend in all 3 paces.

    oh and basic stuff like tack up, mount, knowledge of trot diaganols and canter leads.

    also if the PEP is on horse riding they need to show quite understanding of the training of the horse and rider
    and for the question thing what was it called erm an assesment of someone else? you need to be able to explain why you ask for canter with the outside leg back (because horse strikes off into canter with offhind)

    not too bad and i ended up getting an A* for PE :):p

    i am taking showjumping for AS PE this year and ahd to jump a 3'6 showjumping course, slightly unsure of how big it will go up to next year for my second year of A level think it may be a 3'6 course in competition or 3'9 course at home?

    sorry that was long but hope it helped!!
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    ooh forgot to add you have to ride in a double bridle for the dressage part as well!!
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    Zaultag, so pleased you have asked for info. Just come back from a parents meeting and GCSE PE maybe a new option at her school so need all the details I can get :D.
  15. Someone in my old riding class did their assessment today and they had to do turn on the forehand, reinback, quarter pirouettes and jump a course with at least one jump of 3ft. Three of his p.e teachers came to watch.

    ETA - He also had to show them he could tack up, rug up and put a headcollar on etc.

    On the other hand I've just given my p.e teachers some footage of me riding. They haven't really told me what I need to do so I just put together loads of little bits:rolleyes: I should ask pretty soon then:p
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    I am not sure what Boards you have all done but I work with EDexel.

    GCSE is the 'hardest' in a way in that points are based on all disciplines and a 10 is hard to achieve unless you are a regular competitor and horse owner. For RS riders an 8 is the realistic target

    AS level you need to ride either a Novice Dressage test, a 2'6 showjumping course or a PC level ODE ...ie good Riding Club level. We regularly have RS riders doing this usually choosing the SJ option

    At A level you need to do an Elementary Dressage Test, a British Novice SJ competition or a prenovice event. I have only done this with one RS pupil and they struggled to get above a C grade

    SunshineX I would be interested to know what Board you are doing ...if only to advise people to avoid it!
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    eml - mine was either ocr or aqa i think. at AS which i am doing at the moment, we are on the ocr exam board. for this i have had to do a 3'6 showjumping course.
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