going on first hack tomorrow......

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by cassiebird, May 29, 2011.

  1. cassiebird

    cassiebird New Member

    morning and i am very nervous:redface: It will be the first time I have taken her off of the yard. We have fantastic hacking within a 5 minute stroll but my biggest fear is that we have to cross a bride over the M1:help: We are ready to venture out into the outside world but I am now creating all sorts of situations in my head.......... I am going with lady from the yard and her very experienced, been there done that type pony so that will help.
    I will do my best to think positive so that she doesnt sense my worries and i have my rescue remedy to hand:frown:
    Please keep your fingers crossed that all is good:unsure:
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  2. Flipo's Mum

    Flipo's Mum Heavy owner of a Heavy

    Good luck mrs - you'll be fine. Lots of deep breathing and try to enjoy it! We will of course need an update of how you get on.
    Eta-I've got this fabulous new rule that works wonders for me - I have to have silence to mount cause I concentrate so much on it and then as soon as my bum hits the saddle my hacking partner/ foot solider has to be prepared to talk about anything and everything until I've settled. Works to take my mind off it all while I'm relaxing - horse then relaxes too. I find the latest gossip is the best distraction lol!
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  3. Bodshi

    Bodshi Well-Known Member

    How exciting, hope you have a smashing time :biggrin:

    Don't stress about the motorway bridge - your horse will probably be fine with the other horse as a confidence giver, but if not just get off and walk her over - simples!
  4. Pencilbeckett

    Pencilbeckett New Member

    Hope you had a lovely time :smile:
  5. Native Lover

    Native Lover Crazy,Pony Collector !!

    good luck, keep us posted how it goes and try to keep calm and relaxed it will help your pony, to stay calm too :) says one nervous hacker ;-)
  6. cassiebird

    cassiebird New Member

    soooo disappointed.......

    because we had to postponed it:cry: due to unforseen circumstance my companion couldnt be there......what was interesting was that i was really disappointed where as a few weeks ago i would have been relieved:giggle: So all being well we will try again next weekend.

    thanks for your support and encouragement...........i will keep you updated once ive been:biggrin:
  7. pepsimaxrock

    pepsimaxrock New Member

    Thats definitely progress - where you get disappointed instead of being relieved.... looking forward to hearing from you next time - good luck - you will be fine x

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