Gout... have you got it?

Discussion in 'Disabled Riding' started by rianne21, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. rianne21

    rianne21 Mummy to Trooper & Rosie

    As far as i am aware, Gout can be a disability.
    I have learnt today that i "may" :( have gout pending blood tests. I am in a lot of pain, my foot. It is swollen and excrutiatingly painful..
    i have been thinking i might not be able 2 ride if this gets much worse in time.. i am only 24 :( Does any1 here have it? can any1 tell me what 2 do 2 help make it better? does it mean stopping riding? it is already threatening my nursing career dream :mad:

    The dr says he is treating it as G0UT.
  2. Clava

    Clava New Member

    Gout is horrid, my father and brother gets it. It can be controlled with diet and medication (avoid turkey and chicken).
  3. rianne21

    rianne21 Mummy to Trooper & Rosie

    0h god is it ever! it is a very painful disease i can't stand this! i can't even walk up the stairs :mad:
  4. Clava

    Clava New Member

    Both my relatives had nasty attacks of it,but have hope it did clear up and went away. Really hope you feel better soon. Do a search on the net, I'm sure yuo'll find lots of helpful advice about diet etc.:)
  5. ellasma

    ellasma LEFT

    I had a similar problem about 15 years ago which the doctor said he was treating as gout (was a bit horrified cos I thought it was something old men got, not 17 year old girls which I was at the time!). Foot was swollen and SO painful I couldn't bear even a sheet over it in bed. Couldn't put any weight on it either. Turned out it was tendonitis - the tendon sheath had filled with fluid so the tendon inside it had no mobility, thus causing the swelling and agony. Apparently the symptoms are similar to gout so if the gout test are negative might be worth mentioning it to your doc. With lots of physio and mega strong anti inflammatories it cleared up. Heaven knows what caused it.

    Hope you sort it out soon x
  6. jinglejoys

    jinglejoys New Member

    My father used to get gout.he would lie in bed and dread it if he saw a fly in case it landed on his leg!!!
    When medication got better it went in the end:)
  7. rianne21

    rianne21 Mummy to Trooper & Rosie

    L0L yes i can have that effect!! when my little 0nes g0 near it i literrally throw myself at my leg 2 protect from pain!!!N00000000000000000000000000000000000 :rolleyes::eek:

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