Grass Livery in benfleet Essex

Discussion in 'General' started by essexlady, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. essexlady

    essexlady New Member

    Does any one know of anywhere?

    I have been ringing Jotmans with no answer.

    I have been offered a horse ( who I love) by a friend, but he is used to living out 24/7, so need to at least find a home for him before I can proceed.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. ellasma

    ellasma LEFT

    Have you looked in Essex Rider? Last time I checked there were quite a few places advertised in and around Benfleet with 24/7 grass livery.
  3. speedygonzalez

    speedygonzalez New Member

    I am from your area, but i really dont know of anywhere locally that they can stay out 24/7. There arent many livery yards that offer that round here at all. I know a place nearer to lakeside that have spaces atm but thats way down the a13 (near the a128). Pm me if that could be a possibility. Really you need to be asking the local farmers if they have any land for rent or if they know of anyone who does that.

  4. essexlady

    essexlady New Member

    thanks ladies, looks like the plan has now changed, he is going to be stabled. I have found stables phew, so much else to look into to :eek:
  5. EmsnMaisie

    EmsnMaisie New Member

    I know of a VERY good reason for you not to go to Jotmans. Will PM you.
  6. 9tails

    9tails New Member

    I didn't think Jotmans did grass livery? They certainly didn't do 24/7 turnout over summer by all accounts.

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