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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by eventerbabe, May 3, 2007.

  1. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    Anyone used one of these? i'm keen to back kez bitless and i have a hackamore but was wondering what peoples opinions were on the happy wheel? ta :)
  2. Pink's lady

    Pink's lady Banned

    Never used one but they're selling them at Robinsons on sale for £20............
  3. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    yes, that's actually what prompted my question :D can't resist a bargin, especially if it might be more useful than the hackamore.
  4. martini55

    martini55 New Member

    I think No_Angel has used one (sorry if I am mistaken) but it might be worth dropping her a pm :)

  5. Yes I saw that. I think the idea/design is quite good.
  6. jowyles

    jowyles New Member

    I just bought one oops slip of a few fingers on the keyboard :p so will let you know hopefully it will come one saturday.
  7. Jetstreem

    Jetstreem New Member

    I got one recently, and I really like it. It feels just like riding with a normal bit, but I found my horse really reached down into the contact and went very nicely. The only thing I found a bit difficult was the steering, but then my horse likes to disappear off in whatever direction he chooses anyway, but I think he found it easier in the HappyWheel. But I definately give it a big thumbs up!

    Cerys :)
  8. jowyles

    jowyles New Member

    Thumbs up here to but all the instructions in german! Dexter had no problems steering or anything in it :)
  9. eventerbabe

    eventerbabe Active Member

    i know! i ended up ordering one but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Luckily i share an office with a german chap and he translated everything for me!
  10. jowyles

    jowyles New Member

    Lucky you lol I just had to kind of look at the pictures and go from there, it works well how ive fitted it but I didnt get the other option for putting the reins on, the one where theres just a big line across the bit??
  11. Mehitabel

    Mehitabel New Member

    how does it work? i'd always want to back in the simplest and most basic bridle possible - i normaly start in a cavesson with reins, then double reins with cavesson and snaffle, then just snaffle. if i weregoign bitless i'd start with a scawbrig - not an english hackamore, which has the poll pressure i dont; want on a baby.
  12. jowyles

    jowyles New Member

    It acts upon the chin and nose, which you can vary in strength, I guess it may have some poll pressure but only if you had it adjusted in a certain way that the wheel would turn so much when the reins are pulled, tho in the instructions it does say it works on the neck :S. I was quite impressed with it but im not sure I would break in in one as it still seems quite harsh which is why I felt ok to hack out in it.
  13. sammyantha

    sammyantha New Member

    I bought one from robinsons but it's HUGE and I can't find any smaller ones for sale anywhere :0(
  14. jowyles

    jowyles New Member

    Yeh they are massive Dexter has a big shire horse head and its fitted on the tightest hole on him I tried it on my friends cob and it could have gone round twice! They only said horse size on robinsons site.
  15. sammyantha

    sammyantha New Member

    Gutted! I've found the LG bridle which is the same thing, but it's in america and it's £50 odd quid as opposed to £20. Ahh well.

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